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Chen Shi immediately knew that the manager was lying. He said, "Your project has been restarted recently, right?"

"No, no..." the manager said in a panic. "I already said that there was a problem with the capital. Besides, isn’t Director Dong missing? How could it be restarted?"

"As long as someone is willing to pay, the project will be restarted. Is that person's surname Lu?"

"I don’t know what you're talking about…"

"How heavy is the satellite?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Returning to professional questions, the manager calmed down again. He replied, "There are large and small ones. Early satellites were only tens or even a few kilograms. Now, satellites are equipped with more and more equipment and some have reached one ton."

"Is it harder to build rockets or satellites?"

"It has to be satellites. Rockets have no technical content. Anyone with a little knowledge of science and engineering can make their own rockets. Of course, they don’t fly as high as hydrogen-fueled rockets."

Lin Qiupu called them aside and the three of them had already guessed what had happened. "Lu Qi is going to build that rocket and launch Dong Xiao's body into space!"

Although they guessed it, the shock was still indescribable. If it was true, it would definitely be an unprecedented masterpiece in the history of world crime.

"Has something been misunderstood somewhere? How could someone do this kind of thing?" Lin Qiupu struggled for the last time. He even wondered if he was dreaming. How could there be such a thing?

"Money can make ghosts grind for you. It could be done with Lu Qi's financial resources... By the way, is his account frozen yet?" Chen Shi said.

"It must be frozen, but there’s only a bit over one million in it."

"Lu Qi’s house is worth over one million. He must have transferred his assets to other accounts. Accounts that the police cannot find."

Lin Qiupu immediately called the Information Department and asked them to investigate it thoroughly again. At this moment, a tall and thin man pushed the door open and handed a document over to the manager. As he passed, he and Chen Shi looked at each other. Wasn’t this the buyer that appeared in the surveillance footage?

Lin Dongxue also reacted. She went up and pressed the man’s hands behind his back and handcuffed him. The manager was frightened. "Aiya, this is Little Zhang from my company. He’s not a bad guy. What are you doing?"

Lin Qiupu also froze for a moment. After making a phone call, they had caught a suspect, so he asked what was going on. Chen Shi whispered to explain the situation. Lin Qiupu said, "Take him back for questioning."

"No, I'm afraid it would be too late. Just question him here!" Chen Shi said.

They took this person to an office and closed the door. He looked very nervous as Chen Shi asked, "Do you know why we detained you?"

Little Zhang shook his head desperately.

Chen Shi used the computer on the desk to show him

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