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It was night when a bunch of tulips were placed where Xu Fa died. The flower-presenter stood in the darkness and said towards the empty space, "We’ve known each other for so long, but you still passed away before me. Although I normally don't like you very much, as a friend, I will miss you... Dying in such a way can be considered a kind of release. Don't worry, I will avenge you!"

"Miss Ling!" A voice came from the dark.

Ling Shuang was startled and saw Chen Shi, Gu You, Sun Zhen and kk walk out from the darkness. They had already been lying in ambush there. Chen Shi had guessed that someone would come to pay respects, and it was as he had expected.

The four people surrounded Ling Shuang. She was unprepared, so she frowned and didn’t say anything.

Chen Shi glanced at the tulips on the ground, and said, "Xu Fa decided to commit suicide to prevent his client from being arrested. From a criminal's point of view, he is a good role-model."

"Stop acting like a cat weeping for a dead mouse!"[1] Ling Shuang said in disgust. "Did you come as a policeman today or as an 'old friend'?"

"Of course it's as an 'old friend'. I thought there would be two people who would come to pay their respects, but you are the only one." Chen Shi said disappointedly. However, it was unsurprising. Ling Shuang's identity was still clean, unlike Zhou Xiao, who was a wanted criminal.

"Teacher Ling!" Although Ling Shuang was younger than Gu You, Gu You still addressed her respectfully. "I have read all your works. I admire your contributions towards the fields of social psychology and reflex regulation, but I also know your other identity. Just treat it as if I’m talking too much. I hope you can mend your ways and not walk towards annihilation together with that person. His doom is already foreordained, but you’re different. You can still turn back."

"Thank you for your kindness!" Ling Shuang said stiffly. She looked around at the four people, "Let me ask you something. Who killed Zhou Tiannan?"

"Even if I told you that it wasn't us, you wouldn't believe it, so just pretend that we did it!" Chen Shi said.

Sun Zhen said, "Back then in the forum, you were also a person I admired very much. Why did you have to get mixed up with Zhou Tiannan and the others? You have a successful career, unlike them.

Hearing that Sun Zhen could say the name "Zhou Tiannan", Ling Shuang said with interest, "Your brainwashing has been undone?"

"Miss Gu helped me. She is as good as you are." Sun Zhen said proudly.

"So you guys came today to instigate me to switch sides?"

"We don’t need you to help us catch Zhou Xiao. We just hope you won’t continue making mistakes. You must have committed crimes previously, but fortunately, the police have no evidence. You can still live a normal life. The ship 'Zhou Tiannan' is about to sink. You don't need to be destroyed together with it." Chen Shi said.

“Haha!” Ling Shuang laughed. “Everyone has ambitions.

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