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Lin Qiupu looked at the dusty and muddy press card, then looked at the place where the tire marks had just been found. "This may have fallen out of the deceased’s pocket when the corpse was transported."

"That’s too sloppy!" Chen Shi commented, "However, they are just helping the boss. Of course they wouldn’t be too meticulous. After all, no one would have thought that someone would reveal this place secretly."

"Yes, being able to find the body today, we have to thank the anonymous informant."

After returning to the bureau, Peng Sijue took a sample of the bone marrow from the burned corpse. DNA identification showed that the deceased was indeed the missing Cao Man. Unleaded gasoline was found on the body and it was burned quite thoroughly. Almost all of the soft tissues were destroyed and there was no value in conducting an autopsy.

In addition, the skull of the corpse was almost entirely shattered. Judging from the shape of the wound, it was repeatedly hit by some kind of blunt instrument, which caused his death.

The next day, the police informed Cao Man's younger brother to come and identify the body. He cried very sadly over his dead older brother.

Peng Sijue quickly made new discoveries. The hose found at the scene contained gasoline and saliva enzymes were detected at the end of it. It was suspected that the murderer used this hose to siphon out the gasoline from the fuel tank and use it as a combustion aid for the incineration.

The police started a large-scale investigation on Zhuoyuan's company. This time, Dong Xiao wasn’t as patient and said, "You found a corpse in the wilderness and you suspect me? You even want to investigate everyone in my company. What right do you have to do that?"

Lu Qi was also at the scene. "If you can't produce evidence, we will find a lawyer to sue you. The company has a lot of affairs we need to attend to recently. Please don't trouble President Dong with such meaningless things."

"Meaningless things? Does a dead man seem to be such a worthless event in your perspectives?" Lin Qiupu asked back.

"What does it have to do with us? How can you prove that it has something to do with us?" Lu Qi said with anger detected in his tone.

It seems that it was impossible not to produce evidence. Lin Qiupu played the video to Dong Xiao on the spot. Dong Xiao began sweating and his fat jaw hung open for a long period of time. Lu Qi was also very shocked. Dong Xiao struggled to get up after watching, but fell back on the sofa. He shouted at his men, "Who was it? Who betrayed me?!"

Lu Qi also pointed at the employees and said, "Step out for me!" Chen Shi realized that his expression looked a little artificial and thought to himself that this person was the one who was acting. Wasn’t he the traitor himself?

Lin Qiupu said seriously, "Mr. Dong, it seems that this video is real. I would like to ask you to explain what you were doing."

The fat on Dong Xiao's chin trembled. "I

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