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Using that oil painting as reference, Chen Shi looked for the specific location in the video. He pointed to an area of the floor and said, "Here."

Peng Sijue took out the luminol reagent and sprayed it there. The luminol reagent was very sensitive and couldn detect even a drop of blood that falls into a tank of water. No matter how many times this area was wiped, there would be residues.

An irregular blue fluorescent stain appeared on the ground. Chen Shi excitedly said in a lowered voice, "Found it!"


Peng Sijue took a sample with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Chen Shi heard footsteps. Looking around, there seemed to be someone passing by the door on the other side of the corridor. The person opened the door and the two were very frightened because the investigation wasn’t a formal one. If found, it would be extremely disadvantageous to them.

The big hand holding the doorknob was tattooed with a naked woman. The hand stopped for a moment, then closed the door again, pretending that nothing had happened.

Chen Shi was relieved and continued to work with Peng Sijue. He thought of the angle of the picture in the video. He looked up and saw a potted plant on the front. Could it be that there was a pinhole camera there? So, he searched inside but didn’t find anything.

After sampling, the two immediately left. At this time, the secretary hadn't returned yet. Lin Qiupu was chatting with Dong Xiao. Lin Qiupu caught a glimpse of the two coming out and Chen Shi quietly made an ‘OK’ gesture.

So, after getting the company's employee list, Lin Qiupu led the group of people to leave.

After leaving the office, several police officers started chattering in the elevator. "Wow, that woman is really a national beauty.", "She’s more beautiful than a celebrity.", "How can she be with such a person? It's really a heavenly flower stabbed in cow dung."

"Pay attention to the impact of your words!" Lin Qiupu reprimanded, "When investigating a case, don't discuss other people's private affairs."

"Anyone who looks at that woman and remains unmoved must be gay," someone said.

"Who said that? Who said that?! Xiaodong, was it you!" Lin Qiupu angrily looked for the culprit.

"It wasn’t me!" Xu Xiaodong waved his hands innocently.

"Ahem!" Chen Shi interrupted them. "We found blood stains in the smoking room next door, but I have to say something. When Old Peng and I were taking samples, someone almost came in and saw us there. Instead of alerting anyone, they closed the door quietly."

"Who was it?"

"If I guessed correctly, it should be Lu Qi. I saw the tattoo on his hand yesterday."

"Lu Qi? The vice president? Why did he not say anything when he saw you guys? Was he the one who sent the video?" Lin Qiupu guessed.

"Isn't that impossible? He’s the vice president of the company. He’s under one person but above 10,000. Why would he betray his boss?" Old Zhang questioned.

"It may not be the cas

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