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The fire finally dissipated, but the air was still filled with a strong, pungent smell of the scorched remains. The trees that weren’t completely incinerated had become charcoal. Lin Qiupu called a big box of takeaway lunches and mineral water to reward the firefighters who put out the fire. The police also had some food. The fire had caused everyone to be overwhelmed.

"You’ve all worked hard. This fire may be related to a case. We suspect that a murder suspect set the fire. Let us collect evidence and investigate the scene!" Lin Qiupu said.

A fire chief said, "That is all right, but you should be careful when you enter the fireground. There may be more fire under some ruins and haystacks."

Just in case, the fire brigade left a car and sent two firefighters to follow them, carrying foam fire extinguishers.

Everyone walked onto the scorched woods. The ashes under their feet made cracking noises. They could feel the warmth on the soles of their feet even through their shoes. Lin Dongxue looked around. "Such a large forest was burned. The arsonist should be held criminally responsible, right?"

"It depends on whether they caused a death or not. Is this place considered public property?" Lin Qiupu answered.

"This forest is Dong Xiao's private property. If he burned it himself, he shouldn't have to go to jail." The accompanying reporter, Chen Gong, said lightly. "The premise is whether he himself was burned to death or not."

After walking for ten minutes, the wreckage of a small western-style villa appeared in front of them. Looking at the tall wall, you could imagine how magnificent this Fengyi Court had been. It was actually built by Dong Xiao for his mistress Su Chan alone. It seems he really adored her.

The police searched around, mainly to look for corpses. Several charred corpses were found inside. It was already very difficult to identify them. Even if Dong Xiao himself was among the charred corpses, his body had been burned away and his skeleton was no different from an ordinary person’s.

Chen Shi opened the deceased’s mouth and examined it. There was soot in the deceased’s mouth and respiratory tract. It seemed like they were burned alive. Most of these corpses were in small rooms, such as toilets and laundry rooms. They may have hidden there to try and hide away from the fire before being burned alive.

There was a corpse lying in a large bathtub. Both the bathtub and the corpse were quite well preserved, but the color of the corpse was a bit strange. It turned out that this person was lying in a bathtub filled with water to avoid the fire, but was boiled to death.

"It's truly miserable!" Lin Dongxue frowned and sympathized. "Who are these dead people?"

"Housekeeper, bodyguard, and nanny!" Chen Gong guessed, "It’s impossible to live alone in such a big house. Someone must maintain it."

"Take all the corpses away!" Lin Qiupu ordered.

The thirteen skeletal remains found in the ruins were

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