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"The one who dared to stand up and resist them was Zhou Xiao!" Wang Ying's eyes sparkled from the recollection of the past. "He was as weak as we were, but he didn’t give in. When there were any absurd regulations in the mental hospital, he always stood up against it. Although this was basically hitting an egg at a rock,someonehad said what we all wanted to say. The director used him as a thorn. They killed a chicken to scare the monkeys and often put him in confinement. Sometimes it was three days and sometimes it was five. The longest was seven days. Whenever he ended his long confinement, he’d come out thin and haggard. We were all very worried. We were worried that he would fall down and we were also worried he’d give in. However, no matter how starved he was or how much he had suffered and been beaten, he always smiled unyieldingly. He was the spiritual pillar for all of us. As long as he refused to bow his head for a day, we seemed to have a glimmer of hope for resistance.”

"Zhou Xiao’s struggle with the mental hospital can’t all be told even if we had three days and nights. I’ll only talk about one incident. This was the time which left the most lasting impression on me. That summer, the weather was very hot. The director said that as long as we performed well, we’d be able to eat popsicles next week if we didn’t get punished. We really wanted to eat popsicles. Every day there, we’d eat the same things. I didn’t even remember how long I had gone without sweets. Everyone was looking forward to it. It was finally the day when the popsicles would be issued, but what we received was a homemade popsicle with a lot of sugar and pigment added into it. It wasn’t tasty at all. It was so sweet that it made people want to vomit, but the director was shameless. He kept saying that this kind of popsicle was healthier than the ones sold outside. If we were harmed eating those, who would be responsible for that?”

"Zhou Xiao stood up and said, ‘How much money do you make from us? Are you reluctant to buy a popsicle for even a yuan?’ The director said, ‘It's you again! Sit down. You weren’t meant to have the popsicles anyway. What are you making a ruckus for? Do you want to enter the confinement room again?!’ Zhou Xiao slammed on the table and shouted, ‘We want to eat popsicles!’ He shouted over and over again, and some people followed suit. We had never been united like this before. The shouts were so loud. ‘We want to eat popsicles! We want to eat popsicles!’ The director ran away in fright and called the caregivers to come and take us back to the room, but this time no one obeyed. The patients used their own housekeeping skills - pretending to be crazy and stupid, scaring the caregivers to the other side of the iron door. Everyone rushed to the iron gate, shook it, and kept shouting, ‘We want to eat popsicles!’

"This struggle lasted until the night, and the director finally made concessions. He asked people to buy popsicles for three yuan

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