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Chen Shi rushed into the autopsy room and saw The Silent Man’s body lying on the table. Peng Sijue was sitting on the ground. Several interns were shaking him. "Captain! Captain!"

"Old Peng, what's the matter with you?"

Peng Sijue’s eyes widened as if his soul was gone. It took a full minute before he said, "Who did it?"

An intern said guiltily, "I put my phone on the test bench to charge in the morning and I was so busy I forgot about it. It exploded somehow."

Another intern scolded him, "I asked you to change your phone long ago but you’re still using that brand? Didn't you read the news?"

"Go and check if there’s any damage to the equipment." Peng Sijue stood up with Chen Shi's help, clutching his chest. "I was scared to death."

"Haha, you also have times when you’re so cute." Chen Shi smiled as it was just a false alarm.

"Who let you in like this? Get out!"

Chen Shi saw an extremely conspicuous scar on the corpse's abdomen and asked, "What's going on?"

"If you want to see it, change into a sterile suit."

Chen Shi put on a sterile suit and went in. As Peng Sijue was about to open it, Chen Shi said, "Wait, look at his bulging stomach. It wouldn't be an explosive, right? This corpse passed through the hands of those people, so be careful just in case. Is there a metal detector?"

"What day and age is it? A metal detector?" Peng Sijue rolled his eyes and ordered his subordinates, "Go to the fourth floor to borrow a drug detector."

Peng Sijue inspected the surface of the body first. There were six stab wounds on the right shoulder of the deceased, but none of them were fatal. There were some bruises on the body, which seemed to have occurred in a fight. The time of death should have been two days ago. It had been discovered that there was a needle hole in the leg of the deceased and his pupils were constricted, so it was suspected that the injection of drugs caused the death.

Chen Shi said, "It seems that he, like Zhou Xiao, didn’t accept the invitation, so he was killed."

"How do you know?" Peng Sijue asked.

"Zhou Xiao told me. Don't be scared when you hear about it, but I saw that serial killer at his house... It's a pity that he ran away."

Peng Sijue was silent for a long time before he whispered, "You must be prepared to expose your identity."

"It won't be too long. It won't be too long." Chen Shi murmured. With Zhou Tiannan's accidental death, his group of subordinates would go crazy for one last time, but they would definitely be destroyed.

Soon, Peng Sijue’s subordinates fetched the instrument that Peng Sijue wanted. The full name of this apparatus was a drug bomb detector, which could detect trace particles of drugs and explosives. After inspection, it was confirmed that it was safe. Then, Peng Sijue cut the sutures on the abdomen of The Silent Man.

His bloody internal organs were exposed, and Chen Shi instinctively resisted the urge to throw up. He furrowed his b

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