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Zhou Xiao was too shocked. He didn’t know where to start. Wang Ying went to the bedroom to fetch a notebook with a sketch of her. She said, "Look, you drew this for me!" There was a sense of pride in her tone.

"It’s better than what I draw normally," Zhou Xiao commented. "Where has our relationship progressed to?"

"Don't you remember what happened last night?" Wang Ying asked back.

Chen Shi said, "The Zhou Xiao who came to you late at night said that his 'landlord' was very troublesome. Does this 'landlord' mean..." He glanced at Zhou Xiao.

"I understand! This is the one in front of me. The person I associate with is actually his inner personality. Don't look at him looking so honest on the surface, he’s actually very cool on the inside and is especially masculine."

Zhou Xiao looked out the window and said sentimentally, "I often wondered where my girlfriend was and what her name is. So she lives next door... No wonder I often wake up and feel like my body has been hollowed out. Can I ask how many times does it happen in a night?"

"Yesterday's garbage hasn't been taken out yet. You can see for yourself."

Zhou Xiao went to the bathroom and glanced at the trash basket. He returned with a look of shock.

Chen Shi said to Wang Ying, "Miss Wang, this is what happened. Zhou Xiao witnessed a murder last night. This key witness has a rare dual personality and a confused memory. Maybe his other personality saw the murderer's face, but we have no way of knowing. Did he say anything to you last night?"

"He didn't say anything special, but... he seemed to be particularly excited." Wang Ying glanced at Zhou Xiao.

"Is there a way to bring out his inner personality?" Xu Xiaodong asked.

"I don't know how. Um, but we can try it!"

Wang Ying told Zhou Xiao to sit next to her. Wang Ying slowly moved closer. Zhou Xiao's face turned red, and then she kissed him. After the kiss, Zhou Xiao's eyes changed a little, and everyone was looking forward to it. At this time, Zhou Xiao said, "Your lips are cherry flavored!"

"Is this the inner-personality?" Chen Shi asked.

"Obviously not. The tone of his speech is different."

"So, how often does the personality appear in the middle of the night?"

"Not sure. Sometimes it’s consecutive, sometimes he only comes to see me every three to four days. I don't know his contact information... Give me your WeChat ID!"

Zhou Xiao left down his WeChat contact and asked, "Can I call you my 'girlfriend'?"

"Go ahead! But don't come to find me. Let him find me."

Zhou Xiao was shocked. After all, what the other party liked was his other personality. He was just the "landlord" of his inner personality. He thought of a question. "So, strictly speaking, we aren’t considered a couple, right?"


"Then, I'm still single. Can I also go find other girls?"

"Definitely not!" Wang Ying widened her eyes. "Wouldn’t that mean you’re riding two boats? I won’t tolerate th

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