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Chen Shi found out from Geng Qing about several people who had bad blood with the deceased. Everyone went to investigate them.

The first was a middle-aged man named Han Dabao who was a neighbor of Geng Zhangle’s. According to the investigation, the two had a disagreement last year and had a war of words. Han Dabao had gotten angry and cut the cable of Geng Zhangle’s cable TV that passed by his own house with a knife.

Geng Zhangle "returned the favor". He sneaked into Han Dabao's house late at night and peed into his pickled cabbage jars.

Hearing about this grudge, many police officers laughed, and Chen Shi said, "What’s Han Dabao's education and background like?"

"He sells pancakes and fruits outside the housing district and has never gone to school." The officer who had gone to investigate this lead answered.

"Pass. I don’t think he can think of such an ingenious method of murder. The root cause of the problem between them doesn’t need to be investigated either."

Then there was a man named Li Zhen, a colleague of Geng Zhangle who once publicly threatened to kill Geng Zhangle. Someone reported that he had stolen dangerous raw materials from the factory before.

Investigating the reason for the quarrel, it was because Geng Zhangle often bragged about his youthful love affairs in front of his colleagues. When describing a certain love affair, the more Li Zhen listened, the more things didn’t seem right to him. He went back and asked his wife. It turned out that the woman in the "story" was his wife.

Li Zhen's wife had been introduced by Geng Zhangle. It was only after 20 years that he found out that Geng Zhangle had messed around with his wife before they were introduced. That was sufficient to constitute the crime of hooliganism in the 1990s.

Li Zhen wanted to sue Geng Zhangle, but the criminal law had long been revised, so he held a grudge and had several quarrels with Geng Zhangle in the factory.

Old Zhang commented, "Who is this deceased person? An old cannon?”

Chen Shi asked the policeman who investigated, "Did Li Zhen have an alibi?"

"He said that he had dinner with his wife at home that day, and it still needs to be verified."

"I think it’s unlikely that he’s a suspect."

"Brother Chen, do we need to follow up with this person?"

"Not for now."

In addition, there were three other people who had conflicts with Geng Zhangle, but the man was already dead, and the people questioned all told their stories in ways that were favorable to themselves. They said that it was Geng Zhangle’s fault that the feuds started, that he had messed around with their wives, caused trouble at the workplace or gossiped behind their backs.

Judging from the various testimonies, Geng Zhangle was a person who didn’t do his job properly and was always idle. He had a very bad temper and lacked shrewdness. He had offended many people. When they heard about the news of his death, many people clapped and chee

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