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"No way?"

Looking at the reagent in the test tube that hadn’t reacted, Peng Sijue showed a disappointed expression, and turned his head to discover that Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were still standing at the side. He asked, "Why haven't you guys left yet?"

Chen Shi smiled bitterly, "Can't you hear people talking to you while you’re working? I want to take the body away and return it to the family. I had promised them previously."

"Wait for two days."

"You’ve already preserved the necessary samples. It's useless keeping the corpse."

"Wait for two days."

"When you die someday, you wouldn’t want to stay in the freezer for so long, right?"

Peng Sijue rolled his eyes, "Take it away! Take it away!"

Lin Dongxue borrowed a police SUV and put Geng Zhangle's body inside. Chen Shi called Geng Qing. She was very excited when she heard that her father was "returning". She agreed to meet them at the funeral home. Chen Shi said, "Get your boyfriend to come too. I have something to ask him."

"He's at work... Okay, I'll call him."

When they drove the car to the funeral home, they found that Geng Qing was already waiting at the door. The staff loaded the corpse onto a wheeled cart. The dissected corpse had a long suture line from the collarbone down to the abdomen. In fact, there was also a suture line on the back of the head. When they conduct an autopsy on the skull, the whole face would come off like a mask. The corpse was still covered with frost. Geng Qing wept in grief when she saw this. Wang Mengqi, who was by her side, had a hard time comforting her.

"Have you found out the cause of death yet?" Geng Qing asked while wiping away at her tears.

"The forensic pathologist judged it to be poisoning." Chen Shi said this with reservations. He observed Wang Mengqi's expression and noticed a flash of panic on his face.

"Was my father in pain when he passed away?"

"He should have been killed instantly and wouldn’t have suffered too much."

"That's good, that's good!" Geng Qing wept again.

She went into the funeral home to find a staff member to put makeup on the corpse so that her father could pass on with dignity. Wang Mengqi wanted to accompany her, but Chen Shi stopped him and he stayed behind by himself. Wang Mengqi seemed a little nervous. Chen Shi asked, "Mr. Wang, do you own a black jacket?"

"Why are you asking this? Did you find a suspect?"

"Please answer my question directly."

"Who doesn't have a black jacket? I’ve bought one, but I don't wear it often."

"Are there a few white stripes on the shoulders?"

"Yes... This style is very common."

"How was your relationship with the deceased?"

"When I tell you a story, you will understand. I remember that when I first started dating Geng Qing, Geng Qing said that her father wasn’t home that night and asked me to come over to keep her company. As a result, while I was getting dressed and preparing to leave the next morning, her f

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