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Qin Wanmu had his head covered with a black cloth bag. He didn't know where he was being taken. He shouted along the way, "Who are you? Why have you kidnapped me? If you want money, we can negotiate. I still have a lot of savings."

The person who escorted him was silent. The man's hands were like pliers, making his shoulder hurt.

With the sound of the door opening, Qin Wanmu was taken into a room, and the people behind him kicked him at the back of his knees. Qin Wanmu staggered onto his knees and his knees almost shattered.

"Old friend, is it comfortable living here?" the person behind him asked.

Qin Wanmu was confused and wondered if he was talking to him.

"Woo woo!"

Hearing this voice, Qin Wanmu was frightened and broke out in a cold sweat. The Silent Man was here!

"I prepared a gift for you. I hope you like it. Do you know how much I want to kill him? But I know you want to kill him personally even more!"

The man opened Qin Wanmu's hood. When he saw the ugly and horrifying face, Qin Wanmu was so terrified that even his liver trembled. He knelt on the ground desperately and kowtowed. "I was wrong! I was wrong! Please forgive me and don’t kill me. As long as you don't kill me, I can agree to any conditions!"

Zhou Xiao and Xu Fa retreated to the back of this basement and watched the show quietly.

The Silent Man sitting on the chair immediately recognized the voice. He stood up with tears in his eyes. Qin Wanmu looked up at the tall man as if he was looking up at a majestic judge. He was so scared that he couldn’t even cry anymore. Urine was flowing in the pants.

"Let’s make a bet of one hundred yuan. Do you reckon he’ll strangle him or smash his head in?" Zhou Xiao leaned against the wall and asked casually.

"I guess he’d be smashed to death. Only then can his hatred be vanquished!" Xu Fa said, "It would be great if I had a mortal enemy. It would be so blissful to kill them myself!"

The Silent Man was so agitated that he didn't know how to express it. He took off his clothes. Since he was too rough, hetore off the buttons, revealing his muscular but scarred body. He pointed to a scar on the liver area and howled.

"I'm not a human! I'm not a human! I’ve wronged you!" Qin Wanmu said as he began to slap himself.

The Silent Man turned around, pointed at the scar on his back, and howled with tears in both of his eyes. Only those who have had a kidney removed knew the pain that accompanied it each day.

Qin Wanmu also cried. "I'm sorry!"

The Silent Man continued to point out the scars on his body to show him. Each time he pointed out one of them, Qin Wanmu would say sorry.

Then, The Silent Man knelt down. Only in this way could his vision be level with Qin Wanmu. He put his hands on Qin Wanmu's shoulders. This movement made Qin Wanmu tremble with fright. He couldn't help trembling.

Faced with the enemy that he had been pursuing for years, The Silent Man’s mood was very compli

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