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The next day, the investigation had made new progress. The surveillance footage at the housing district showed that a few days before the incident, Director Wei had visited Geng Zhangle twice, picking times when Geng Qing wasn’t at home.

400,000 yuan had been recently transferred out of Director Wei’s bank account. The police suspected that the deceased was blackmailing Director Wei. Thus, Director Wei had a motive for murder and could be summoned for questioning.

In the interrogation room, Director Wei was very calm. Chen Shi picked up a printed document. "This is a whistle-blowing letter written about you that we found in Geng Zhangle's mailbox. It can be seen that your relationship is not actually as close as what everyone believes.”

"Who was the letter addressed to?"

"The upper management of the company."

Director Wei heaved a sigh of relief. "That's good, you won't use this incident as a pretext to check these accusations, right? These are all groundless and unfounded. Everyone can see how I treat Old Geng. He’s just too greedy."

"What exactly was the relationship between you two?"

"Like I said that day, we were good brothers when we were young."

"I'm afraid it's not as simple as that, right?"

Director Wei bit his lip before saying, "I owe him."

"What do you owe?"

"Old Geng was in jail for ten years. You probably know that. In fact, it was not him who should have been in jail, but me! We had been drinking together and went for a drive afterwards, who knew I would hit someone? I was so scared. Yes, I was the one who was driving. Before the police arrived, Old Geng smacked his chest and said that he would shoulder the blame for me. He said that I was about to be promoted to workshop director and had just gotten married with a bright future ahead of me whereas he just had a crappy life. He asked me to take good care of him after he got out of prison. He pleaded guilty and went to jail. When I visited him, he joked that he regretted it a little. I promised him that after he’s released from prison, I would support him for the rest of my life... After that, I kept my promise. I gave him a leisurely job that everyone envied. No matter what trouble he caused in the factory, I’d turn a blind eye to it. His daughter needed tuition fees for school, I lent him the money too. It still hasn’t been repaid yet. It can be said that any debts I’ve owed have been repaid."

Sure enough, the past of the two people involved more than just friendship. Chen Shi asked, "How did conflict arise between you two afterwards?"

"Perhaps he was mentally unbalanced. During the ten years in prison, he developed some psychological issues. During a meal once, he said that he had bumped into someone from prison. After he was released, he lived an ostentatious lifestyle, driving a luxury car and living in a villa. He married a pretty, young girl who was twenty years younger than him. Although he had said these words while he wa

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