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When they walked out of the community, they happened to run into Lin Qiupu and his party. Lin Qiupu said, "You’re really fast. According to our original schedule, I’m afraid it would have taken a few days to find Qin Wanmu."

"This was revealed by Zhou Xiao. He told the murderer about it and the murderer might come here… If he doesn't get lost this time..." Chen Shi said.

"What?! That kid is helping with the crime?"

"The situation is a bit complicated."

"A dual personality again." Lin Qiupu frowned. "We’ll interrogate him when we find the murderer. See if this kid is really sick or just acting!”

When the crowd went into the restaurant, they didn’t see Qin Wanmu. The boss saw the police coming and said in a panic, "You came just at the right time. There was a suspicious person walking around here last night. He was tall and holding something like a hammer in his hands. He would listen in on whoever was on a call. It scared me to death!"

"Have you seen this person before?" Lin Qiupu showed him Qin Wanmu's ID photo.

The boss took a moment to recognize him and replied, "This is a regular customer. He comes here every day."

"Was he here today?"

"Eh... he was just there!" He looked at a table. On the table was a bowl of noodles that had barely been touched. Coriander was heaped on top and the noodles had already gone soggy. The boss asked the employee, "Where’s that fat guy? "

The man replied, "When I brought the noodles to him, he suddenly ran out for some reason. Did he have a stomach ache? He didn't come back after so long."

"Retrieve the surveillance footage!" Lin Qiupu ordered.

Ten minutes ago, The Silent Man appeared at the door of the store, standing behind a man who was on a call to eavesdrop. The man was terrified.

The place where The Silent Man stood was outside the store. Maybe Qin Wanmu had recognized him and fled in a hurry.

Xu Xiaodong asked for further instructions, "Captain, who do we look for now? The hospital director or the murderer?"

"Nonsense! Of course it's for the murderer. He’s a mentally retarded man. He will kill someone if he hears a Tiantai accent!"

Everyone looked around everywhere. Chen Shi walked on the sidewalk and said loudly, "How are ya? This world is so big! It takes three hours to stroll from the East to the West!"

Lin Dongxue smiled and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Leading the snake out of the cave. How’s my Tiantai accent?"

"It’s too fake."

At this time, gunshots came from somewhere and the police rushed over at the same time. They saw a glass partition in a shopping mall shattered and a man laying in the broken glass, struggling and rolling. His head was covered with blood, and there was a little boy crying nearby.

There was a local policeman on the scene calling for reinforcements. Lin Qiupu stepped forward and said, "I’m Lin Qiupu from the Public Security Bureau. What's the situation?"

"A suspicious person just smashed the

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