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On November 16th, Zhou Xiao sat in his small broken house to make emojis. With all the issues over the past two days, he almost had no time to work. It was rare to have a peaceful day, so he could finally work hard in peace and quiet.

Chen Shi called and said that he had something to tell him when there was a knock on the door.


Zhou Xiao put out the cigarette and went to open the door. There was a stranger standing outside the door. He was wearing a black sweater, a hat[1], and reflective sunglasses. There was an evil smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Who are you looking for?"

"Looking for you!" The stranger took out a newspaper-wrapped box from behind them, like a gift.

"Do we know each other?" Zhou Xiao was a little nervous.

"Can't you remember me?" The other party took off his sunglasses. "A few years ago, I stayed at the Rehabilitation Mental Hospital. I lit the fire that time."

Zhou Xiao furrowed his brows and looked at his face. He seemed to be vaguely familiar to him, so he let him in.

The stranger closed the door and put the box on the table. "My companions persuaded me not to come to see you, but when I learned that you were here, I couldn’t resist the urge to see you in person. You’re my idol. I was previously also a loser. I was ruthlessly abandoned by society and thrown into that garbage dump until I saw you. In that place, you dared to stand up and resist. You inspired all of us. You gave me my second life. You were too cool and brave! When I killed someone for the first time, I wrote your name on the wall. It was a tribute to tell the world that I was resisting it, but the police understood it incorrectly as my name. So, I went along with it and have been using this name the whole time... killing people ceaselessly!"

"Kill...Killing people?" Zhou Xiao was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat.This person wasn’t joking right? Or maybe he has a mental illness?

But the person’s eyes were serious. They were as sharp as the tip of a knife, making people afraid to look at them directly.

"I only came to find you. Nothing else." The stranger looked around. "Idol, it seems that you aren’t living very well off. You’ve got so much guts. You shouldn’t be buried here. I want to invite you to join us. We need someone with a clean identity to join us for work. You’ll have a lot of money."

"What do you mean? If you keep talking like that, I’ll call the police!"

"Hey, hey, you’re the 'landlord'. Let ‘him’ come out and talk to me." The stranger said in a playful tone, approaching him step by step.

Zhou Xiao was frightened. He picked up an airplane cup from the bed and waved it around indiscriminately. "Go away. Don't come close to me or I’ll really call the police!"

The stranger caught his wrist. His hand was like pliers. Zhou Xiao couldn't pull out no matter what. The stranger drew a knife from his arms, pointed at Zhou Xiao, and said word by word, "Tell. Him. To.

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