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Chen Shi asked, "I heard that you were friends with Geng Zhangle. Did you know each other when you were young?"

Director Wei laughed, “Playing together when we were young is nothing worth talking about. We were just a bunch of young people messing around on the streets. Oh yes, we also fought with other groups and grabbed their territory. Geng Zhangle was our boss. Could his opponents from back then have taken revenge against him?"

"Who were they?"

Director Wei listed a few names and Chen Shi noted them down one by one. Then he asked, "I heard from the factory employees that you pay Geng Zhangle a very high salary, and you were basically supporting an idler."

"We were good friends! Not a single place was willing to take him in after he was released from prison. How could I not help him out as an old buddy? Besides, he was actually very responsible when guarding the door. There has been basically no theft occurring in the factory over these years."

When he said this, Director Wei concealed a trace of panic with a smile.

The two chatted for a while longer and he asked about Director Wei’s alibi before they said goodbye. After preliminary probing, Chen Shi felt that Director Wei could be listed as a suspect. He vaguely felt that there was some secret between Director Wei and the deceased.

Lin Dongxue received a text message from the Information Department. It was a list of people Geng Zhangle had contacted before he died. It included Li Zhen, Director Wei, his daughter, and his daughter’s boyfriend. Chen Shi said, "Let’s focus on investigating Director Wei first. Let's go to Geng Zhangle's house and have a look."

"Yesterday, a colleague found out from the bank that Geng Zhangle's ICBC card had recently received 400,000 yuan, but the money was quickly transferred away."

"Was it before or after his death?”

"Noon on the day of the incident."

"Can you find out where it went?"

"Still investigating."

Geng Zhangle’s family had already set up a mourning hall. His daughter, Geng Qing, and her boyfriend were wearing mourning clothes and burning joss paper in front of Geng Zhangle’s altar. Geng Zhangle’s old gang of buddies were playing mahjong in the living room and there was constant laughter coming from them, which seemed a bit out of place for the occasion.

Chen Shi said to Geng Qing, "My condolences. We just came to take a look."

"Thank you. When can my father's body be brought back? The funeral home has been contacted, and I’m going to cremate him in the near future." Geng Qing's eyes were swollen, as if she had cried.

"We will do it as soon as possible." Chen Shi glanced at the living room. "Who are those people?"

"They’re all my dad’s friends. Look at my dad’s character. Only these few people came after his death, and there are no relatives! I’ve gotten over it these last two days. Sudden death might not have been a bad thing for him. He’d only suffer with health like that in old age

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