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That night, Chen Shi received a call and drove to the scene of the crime.

The area was a large, compound housing area. The murderer broke into the door and smashed the head of a middle-aged man living alone. The deceased fell to the ground, holding a mobile phone tightly in his hand. His entire head was severely deformed, leaving splattered bloodstains on the ground. Human tissues splashed everywhere, reminiscent of the scene where the hammer made impact with the head.

The lower body of the deceased was lifted up by the overturned chair. The murderer should have kicked the door in, knocked the deceased who was sitting on the chair while on the phone down with a hammer, and then smashed his head again like bursting open a coconut.

In addition, the deceased's clothes were also lifted up, revealing his waist.

"The deceased is male, 48 years old, a local of Tiantai..." Peng Sijue checked the documents he found from the deceased.

"It's someone from Tiantai again?" Chen Shi was a bit startled.

He really couldn't look at the scene in front of him any longer because he just had mapo tofu for dinner. So, he went outside. Several witnesses in the compound were being questioned. There were mothers and children crying as they held each other, and young female migrant workers who were so scared that they became incontinent.

They basically all reported the same situation. They heard a bang and then a muffled sound an hour ago. When they went out to have a look, a man with a bloody hammer walked out and the door to Old Li’s house was open. They saw Old Li through the door. He had fallen to the ground.

When they walked in, the neighbors all went nuts. They hadn’t calmed down yet.

"Old Li is usually very nice. He didn't provoke anyone. He divorced his wife and his son is studying abroad. We just heard him calling his son. Haii, why did this happen?!" An aunt who was a neighbor explained.

"What is his occupation?"

"He works as a civil servant at the Food Administration Bureau."

Chen Shi heard the words “Food Administration Bureau” and immediately opened the map on his phone and looked at it. It turned out that this compound was called the Food Administation Compound. Across the street was the Food Administration Bureau. Zhou Xiao’s other personality had been here before, and the deceased was from the same city as the hospital director.

He walked over and asked, "Elder sister, judging by your accent, you don’t seem to be a local."

"I’m from Tiantai."

"So, all the people living in this compound are from Tiantai?"

"Yes, they’re all fellows from my hometown because the landlord is from there as well. Everyone has a support abroad here."[1]

"What's the landlord's name?"

The aunt said a name, but it wasn’t who Chen Shi was after, so he asked, "Has a person called Qin Wanmu ever lived here before?"

"Yes, Old Qin lived here previously and moved out later."

"When did this happen?"

"Half a

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