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The next day, Wang Mengqi was summoned to the bureau. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were responsible for questioning him. Chen Shi said, "Mr. Wang, we meet again."

"If you have something to say, then hurry up and say it. I still have work to do." Wang Mengqi looked impatient.

Chen Shi turned on a laptop and played a video. This was a copy of the surveillance footage from a supermarket opposite Wang Mengqi’s company. Wang Mengqi raised his eyebrows slightly while looking at the video, because the person who left the company in the video was himself. And the time was 4:00 pm on November 19th.

"We asked about your alibi that day. You said that you were talking to Geng Qing using the company's landline, but weinvestigatedthe surveillance outside your company and found that you had left at 4:00 in the afternoon that day. Where did you go?"

Chen Shi continued to play the next video, which was surveillance footage from outside the park, then he paused the video. He pointed to a man dressed in black who walked into the park. "I asked you if you have this outfit, right?"

"I have replied already. Those clothes are very ordinary. I’m not the only one who owns them. This can’t be used as evidence.”

"But we found your ride-hailing record for that afternoon at the Internet ride-hailing company. The destination was the park. How do you explain that?"

Wang Mengqi gritted his teeth and knitted his eyebrows.

"Are you thinking that you let one detail slip out of a hundred secrets?" Chen Shi demanded.

"Even if you call for a ride, you don’t necessarily have to get in!" He tried to quibble.

"What beautiful sophistry! It's like when US President Clinton said that the semen found on the secretary's skirt didn’t mean that there was sex involved. Should we ask that driver to identify you?"

"I'm very busy at work, and sometimes my superiors have to cancel the previous plan with a single call, so I may not take the ride even after calling for one." Wang Mengqi explained forcefully while covered in cold sweat.

"We will verify this matter. Regarding your alibi, I think it was forged like this. The call between you and Geng Qing started at 4:00. You attached a mobile phone to the handset of the landline and used it from a distance. In fact, when you presented this alibi, I was a little skeptical. Why did you use your company’s landline to make a call? We investigated your record of using the office landline and found that you only used it to make internal calls and never made outbound calls. Doesn’t it imply something like ‘There aren’t 300 taels of silver buried here.’?"[1]

Wang Mengqi seemed to be infuriated, and raised his chin. "If you have something to say, get to the point. Don't talk in such a roundabout manner."

"We suspect that you killed Geng Zhangle."

"Haha! Just because of this ‘evidence’? The park is a public area that anyone can go to, and I am the murderer because I’ve been to the park? What's my motivati

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