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Lin Dongxue said, "You are suspecting that the DNA sample we found in the room of Cheng Chao is actually not his own?"

"What did Lao Peng say?"

She recalled and repeated the words of Peng Sijue's that afternoon. "The DNA found in the room matches the male victim."

"Lao Peng is a very strict person. He would not easily say that the deceased was Cheng Chao because we have encountered this kind of trick before. Someone may have put dandruff and hair at the deceased’s house and deliberately let the police discover it."

“‘We’? ‘Before’?” Lin Dongxue caught this mistake. “What do you mean? Who do you mean by ‘we’?”

Chen Shi, who had always been calm, actually panicked for a moment. "Oh nothing, ‘we’ means ‘I’. Doesn’t the show hosts on TV often say, ‘Let us reveal this secret’?”

"Really?" Lin Dongxue looked suspicious.Did Chen Shi just inadvertently reveal his past?

"Let's continue!"

"Ah... Okay!" Lin Dongxue’s face was red again. The kiss that she gave Chen Shi just then was very light. Maybe he didn’t feel it. She was afraid of him bringing it up, but she was also afraid that he would have no feelings at all.

The simulation this time started after the death of the female victim. Chen Shi stood in the "cave", and Lin Dongxue stood outside the “cave”. Chen Shi continued, "If it’s as you’ve reasoned, what is the male victim doing at this time?"

"Oh... Maybe he didn't have the courage to commit suicide, or maybe he was watching his dead girlfriend?"

"He looked at her for a few hours? You told me that the male had eaten two hours prior to death. That is to say that after the death of the female, the male was mentally preparing to commit suicide, and then stupidly had a meal?”

Lin Dongxue's widened her eyes.There is indeed a flaw in my reasoning.

"Maybe... Maybe he didn’t want to die all of a sudden?"

"If he didn’t want to die, then he is guilty of murder. He should know the consequences. Try to reverse your thoughts. At this time, the male victim was not at the cave at all, because he is not the person part of the passionate suicide to begin with."

Lin Dongxue was stunned. She involuntarily swallowed some saliva and hurriedly followed Chen Shi’s train of thoughts. “The lover did not have the courage to commit suicide and left?”

"After a few hours, the male victim came along. The male deceased was attacked from behind, meaning that he was unprepared for the murderer. Who is the murderer? Why did they come to this cave? Was it a coincidence?"

"The murderer is the lover who came back?! He knew that once the identity of the female deceased was investigated by the police, he would be guilty of murder, so he needed to kill someone else."

"Yes!" Chen Shi snapped his fingers. "He killed the innocent witness and destroyed the face of the witness and his girlfriend. When placing the bodies, he purposely placed the two together like a lover’s double-suicide and put their hands together. This w

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