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At nine o'clock, Lin Dongxue called and said, "I found out that Lu Jianye's account is in the 24th district. It is called the Solitary Sword. He is ranked second in this district. The customer service representative told us that his account last logged in 25 hours ago. Since there is a lock function for advanced equipment in the game, there hasn’t been any transferral of equipment or items. Furthermore, the ingots on his account—that is, the coupons and items, all haven’t been touched.”

"Thank you. Where are you now?"

"In the bureau. I haven’t left yet because of you."

"Get off work. Go out and play games. We will see you in the 24th district. You should practice a bit first. You may have to top up your account though. I’ll reimburse you the money later on.”

"Huh? Play games? That’s not my cup of tea... I can call Xu Xiaodong; he is a game master."


Chen Shi left the computer and went to the bar to buy a pack of Yuxi cigarettes. Then, he wandered around the Internet café. When he saw someone playing the same game, he handed a cigarette over and asked, “Brother, your equipment isn’t bad. What district are you from?”

There were too few people who played this game, so they couldn’t find anyone from the 24thdistrict. But there was someone who said, “My equipment is trash! Yesterday, I saw an uncle in the Internet café. Damn, he was the best in the server. He was dressed like the Gods and was super arrogant.”

"Was it the guy who was balding? The one who is a bit chubby?"

"Do you know him?"

"We’ve drank together."

"His account is really amazing. It’s estimated that he’s spent tens of millions of yuan on the game. Fuck, he’s a show-off! If I had an account like that, I would laugh myself awake in my sleep… But when he came, his whole body was wet. I asked if he was worried about catching a cold, but he smiled and said it didn’t matter.”

This guy had lots of snacks and drinks on his table. He took a sip of coke and rubbed his reddened eyes. Then, he typed on the keyboard, “Take me along to the magical forbidden land.”

When this man joined a team, there was a person in the team who knew him and informed the others, "He’s only spent a million on his account; don't team up with him."

Then, there was a message box on the screen that noted, "You have been kicked out of the team". The man screamed and threw his mouse, "Looking down on people? Fuck! I will recharge now!"

"It’s just a game. Why did you get so angry? How many nights have you been here?" Chen Shi asked.

"Just a game?" The man got really irritated. "Do you know how much money and energy I’ve invested in this game? The equipment in this game gets churned out really fast. If you don’t keep up, you’ll be a whole level behind. For example, let's take the highest ranked player in our server. His ride is enhanced with gems and runes that are of higher value than all the equipment on my body combined. The top players can kill me in o

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