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Xu Xiaodong confessed, "Just then in the store, I saw that he gave you a necklace.”

Lin Dongxue was very embarrassed. "He doesn't mean anything when he gives me something."

"I understand you. You rarely owe things to others. You usually use the AA system where you pay for your own portion when you go out to eat and you wouldn’t take the flowers I gave you. However, you’re willing to accept his gifts.”

Lin Dongxue blushed to the tips of her ears. "Don’t talk nonsense."

"What nonsense do you mean? The nonsense where you like Brother Chen?”

"You’re still on about that?" Lin Dongxue hit Xu Xiaodong with a light punch.

"Okay, okay! Confidential! It’s confidential! I won’t tell anyone."

"I should go home. Be careful on the road."


Looking at Lin Dongxue's silhouette disappearing into the community, Xu Xiaodong felt a bit at a loss. He remembered the first time he saw Lin Dongxue at the police academy. She was wearing a police uniform and stood in the team. Her eyes were keen and she stood tall. She exuded soft and gentle light like a goddess. She was the object of affection across almost all the students who lived in the academy.

Later, when they were assigned to a team together, Xu Xiaodong was very happy and began to go on the offense to pursue her. He thought of various ways to please her, but he was repeatedly rejected.

Besides the sense of loss, he also felt a bit of relief. This war of unrequited love had a peaceful finish. He didn’t need to hold onto it from now on.

"Friends are good too. Friends are also good." He muttered to himself repeatedly and started the car.

Although he slept very late, Chen Shi still got up very early. He cooked breakfast and called Tao Yueyue to wake up and eat. The breakfast was just a simple egg and ham sandwich with milk, but Tao Yueyue had no appetite. She often grumbled that she was tired of eating the dishes Chen Shi made recently.

After eating, Tao Yueyue stood up. "I’m going back to my room to study."

"You are very motivated. You didn't play games last night?"

"Who wants to play that kind of boring thing? I have so much homework to do. How else am I going to make up for the time I lost?”

"That makes me relieved."

"I don't like to study, but I just don't want to be a bad student. The worst students academically are the most discriminated people in each class." These words were spoken in a childish manner, making Chen Shi want to laugh.

He took out his wallet and put two hundred yuan on the table. "Here’s your pocket money. If you go out with friends on weekends, you should have a little money on you."

Tao Yueyue took the money, "Thank you... But I have no friends."

"You can make friends."

"Everyone is all very naïve. They’re still watching cartoons even though they’re so old now. Otherwise, they’re playing games.”

"Don’t you think that you’ll be isolated if you think like that? You need to learn to integrate w

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