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Chen Shi remarked, "Who is this? Their luck is so good. The lottery has accumulated three first prizes since nobody won."

Lin Dongxue echoed, "Wow, 20 million! If I had that much money..."

"Would you give me a little?"

"Sure. Based on our friendship, I’ll send you a million."

"It seems that our friendship is not deep enough... Thank you in advance."

The car parked outside the community that Lin Dongxue lived in. She was already tired and slouching. "I have an early shift tomorrow. I really want to have a good sleep-in.”

"You can’t stop moving if you’re alive. Don't complain and just rest up early tonight."

The suspect in the previous case was quickly handed over to the judiciary and awaited trial. At the commendation meeting held in the bureau, the chief specially issued an envelope with money in addition to the bonus for the police officer who made the merits. He told Lin Qiupu, "I heard that there is a very special consultant in your team that helped your second team break through several major cases."

Lin Qiupu saluted, then took the envelope with both hands. "He did not accept the position of consultant."

"Haha, this guy!" the chief said with a smile. "The bonus should be brought back to him. I have to express my gratitude. I hope that everyone will continue to work hard. There are more than 100 emergency calls per day in Long'An City. There’s almost a criminal case every day. The burden on your shoulders is very heavy and your work is harder than most positions. The rewards are thin compared to the effort you have to exert. You are the city's immune system, the most solid line of safety for the people. All criminals will be frightened when they see you all, the defense line. Our efforts and sacrifices are in exchange for the security and stability of the city. Please polish your eyes and clench your fists, and don't let go of your vigilance."

The police officers all saluted. Some people thought to themselves that the chief seemed to have more words to say today than usual.

Lin Dongxue once again invested herself in the intense work. They spent a week cracking a wife-killing case that was not suspenseful nor full of twists. This morning, Lin Dongxue received a phone call from Lin Qiupu, telling her to wear a thicker jacket. Today she was going to hike up a mountain.

Lin Dongxue asked excitedly, "Brother, do we have a team-building activity?"

"Team-building your head! One male and one female body were found in the mountains. It’s in Cao Ji."

Although it was a case, when everyone heard that they were going to climb a mountain, the officers were very excited. They finally managed to change their mood. Lin Qiupu contacted a bus company to rent a car and took everyone to the suburbs.

Cao Ji was located in the southwestern part of Long'an City. It was a small country town that developed its tourist attractions around the barren hills a dozen years ago. Unfortunately, no one came. As such

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