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The two disputed with each other, but couldn’t confirm whether the male victim was Cheng Chao or not. Lin Dongxue asked, "Do you know his blood type, or the contact information of his parents?"

The father shook his head. "I don't even want to see his face. Why would I know that?"

The mother recalled, "He came to our house to eat that day. Didn’t he say that his father passed away early and that his mother remarried out to the rural area?”

"Oh, yes. I don't know which poor area he popped out of. Of all the people he could have picked up, why did he choose our daughter? Did we owe it to him in our past lives?” said the father cruelly.

Lin Dongxue asked again, "Where does he live?"

The two shook their heads together and the mother said, "Xiao An should know."

"Who is Xiao An?"

"An Xu, the son of my husband's classmate. Once..." The mother was a little ashamed. "One time, I told him about Cheng Chao. He told me that he would teach him a lesson, so I’m guessing that he should know."

"Okay, tell us his contact information."

Not long after sending away the old couple, a young man driving a luxurious car came to the bureau. This person was An Xu, the person who pursued Jiang Mei.

Upon knowing Jiang Mei’s death and the facts of the case, An Xu was so shocked that he widened his eyes and snarled, "I have to skin that damn broke boy."

Lin Dongxue replied coldly, "Maybe you don't need to do it yourself."

Lin Dongxue took An Xu to identify the reconstructed face of the deceased. An Xu glanced at it and claimed, "Yes. Yes, it is him for sure!"

"How are you so sure?"

"I..." An Xu scratched his head and smiled. "Recently, I went to find him and taught him a lesson. I told him to stay away from Xiao Mei. I pressed him against a wall while holding his collar and was looking straight at him, so I have a pretty clear picture of what he looks like!” Whilst talking with him, Lin Dongxue noticed the big gold chain on his neck was dazzling and annoying to look at.

Lin Dongxue immediately recorded this incident down as An Xu babbled, "Hey, Miss police officer, I only went over to tease and taunt. I didn’t actually beat him up.”

"How long ago was it?"

"Last month? No, the month before that."

If it happened such a long time ago, the deceased should have no scars from it. Lin Dongxue reprimanded, "What you did was assault. If the other party reported it to the police, you would have to at least be detained at the station for a few days."

"I will pay attention next time! I will pay attention next time." An Xu beamed. "I was just a bit impulsive. I felt like I had a connection with Xiao Mei as soon as I met her. She is beautiful and quiet. I also really like her personality. I love her from the bottom of my heart. Both our parents were happy for us to be together. Who knew what kind of drugged soup this poor boy gave Xiao Mei. I sent her flowers and jewelry, but she hasn’t given me a single good exp

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