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Chen Shi used lightning-fast speed to solve the case, but it took three days to clear the entire case.

Three days later, a full report was handed over to Lin Qiupu. He looked at the report and reviewed the notes. The case occurred on the evening of December 10th. If the dispute between the two players in the game were counted, that date advanced to the 8th.

On December 8th, the suspect Deng Zhongming and the victim Lu Jianye had some disputes in the online game “Dominating the Jianghu”. Lu caused Deng to lose nearly 30,000 worth of equipment when Lu purposely challenged him. Then, Lu gloated and proclaimed that Deng was trash in the public channel.

The furious Deng immediately harbored killing intentions. He found out the address of Lu through his contacts in the game. It was coincidence that Lu was also a person from Long'An City. On the evening of December the 10th, he drove his car to find Lu.

On the same day, Lu and his son had a dispute. The son blamed his father for playing the game every day and ignoring the family. He forcibly took Lu’s computer and threw it in the neighborhood river. Lu jumped in to salvage it in the presence of many witnesses, but he failed in retrieving it.

The son became upset because of this and raced around in his car with his friends that night and died in a car accident after getting drunk. The autopsy report had confirmed that this was a pure accident.

Because Lu couldn't play the game, he ran to the nearby Internet cafe and played for two hours. When he came back, it was 7:00 in the evening. It was already dark and he happened to meet Deng. The enemies of the game met in reality. As they were both middle-aged men who would have a wife and children, their attitudes towards each other were relatively reserved. Lu expressed apologies towards Deng and was ready to invite him to dinner. However, Deng suggested that they take a walk together.

The two arrived at the nearby park. Deng saw no one was around and pushed Lu into the lake. Lu struggled to swim but Deng hit him with the cane and yelled, "You enjoyed guarding my corpse, huh? Why don’t you get a taste of your own medicine?”

Deng said that he had only wanted to teach Lu a lesson. Unexpectedly, Lu suddenly sank down. He was afraid to call for help. After half an hour, Lu floated up and Deng, who was afraid in the situation, picked up his body and took it to a secluded place to abandon with his car that was parked outside the park.

After the autopsy, it was discovered that Lu suffered from arthritis because his body was wet before. As a result, he wasn’t able to use his limbs in the water. This was an indirect cause of death. If Deng had not pushed him into the water, he might have had a fever anyway, but he wouldn’t have died.

Deng abandoned the corpse underneath a nightclub. The nightclub owners were afraid that it would affect their business, so they transferred the body to the waste water bucket of a nearby restaurant

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