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The car that had the body sitting in the backseat was temporarily placed in the little community. Chen Shi threw the car keys to the security guard, and told them that other policemen would come to collect it. He asked them to pass on the car keys before walking out of the community with Tao Yueyue.

Tao Yueyue asked, "Why not drive?"

"Take a guess."

"Well... The box is so big that it must be very tiresome to drag around, so the murderer must live nearby."

"I’ll correct you slightly. They are not necessarily murderers. They are just the ones that abandoned the corpse. If they drove, could this be likely?”

Tao Yueyue shook her head. "If they drove, they would drive in directly like us. They didn’t need to move the big box.”

"Really smart!" Chen Shi patted her head.

Tao Yueyue smelled the aroma of omelettes from outside the community and said, "Uncle Chen, I am hungry!"

"Didn’t you eat the cucumber?"

"The cucumber is not going to fill me up. I’m going through puberty! Don't you know that?"

“Okay, okay!” Chen Shi went to the stall selling the omelettes and asked for two of them. He took the opportunity to ask the stall owner, “Is there a place in this vicinity that only opens at night?”

The stall owner was a big sister. She looked at Chen Shi and asked, "What do you want?"

"To investigate a case. I am a police officer."

"An officer bringing a child...? The place you talked about is on the street at the first left. That seems to be the place that most closely resembles the place you’re asking about.”

"What is that place?"

"You’ll know when you go... Here’s your omelette."

Eating the omelettes, Tao Yueyue remarked, "This game of posing as a policeman is really fun."

"What do you mean by pose? I am one!"

"The nose will grow longer and longer if you lie."

"I’ll tell you a secret. In fact, I am an undercover policeman."

Tao Yueyue looked him up and down, before saying, "Liar, you are not handsome."

“Is that even relevant?”

"In the movies, the undercover officers look very handsome."

"Stop watching all those movies that are only full of violence and death."

"You adults are all like this. If you can’t win an argument with a child, you’ll change the subject and just forcefully say they’re not allowed."

"Okay, okay. I’ll admit defeat, okay?"

"Wow, hamster!"

Tao Yueyue ran to a stall selling hamsters, squatted down, and smiled at the hamster running in the cage non-stop. The stall owner urged, "Buy one for your daughter! See how happy she is?"

"He is not my father!", "She is not my daughter!" The two exclaimed almost in unison.

The stall owner smiled with a shy smile and speculated about the relationship between the two.

Tao Yueyue looked at Chen Shi with pitiful eyes and Chen Shi responded in turn, "As long as you get 80 points or more by the end of the school year, I will buy it for you."

"Sly! I haven't promised to go to school yet.

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