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Chen Shi went into the bedroom and found that it was very simple and plain. It had a bed and a computer. However the desktop was missing. He checked the dust that had collected on the floor and found that someone had moved something. The desktop was forcibly taken away, deduced from the USB cable behind it being torn apart.

The broken cable they found earlier and the one they just discovered was one and the same.

Chen Shi looked around the place and muttered to himself, "As a manager, isn’t his lifestyle a bit too poor?"

He also found that the legs of the chair had created a lot of friction marks on the floor. Obviously, this person often sat in front of the computer for long periods of time. Before the autopsy, he had found that the victim had a ring of fat around his waist and had hemorrhoids. These were all characteristics of a sedentary lifestyle.

There was a lot of cigarette ash on the table as well as the remnants of soups and sauces that had splashed and fallen from the food he ate. Some of these splashes were found on the computer.

Tao Yueyue scorned, "He’s as dirty as you."

"Nonsense. My house is very clean."

“Is it? The table and underneath the bed are all very dirty.”

"Really? We’ll clean it up tonight."

Tao Yueyue opened a drawer. "I found an important clue!"

"I told you not to touch anything!"

Chen Shi walked over. There was a weird mask in the drawer. The mask was made of wood but the craftsmanship was very poor. It was most likely randomly carved using a scroll saw used in carpentry. Its right eye, nose and mouth were exposed while other places were all covered. There was a stick at the bottom for gripping.

Chen Shi took a look at it while moving it around in his hands, then sniffed the inside of the mask. There was a heavy smell of garlic and alcohol. He said, "This mask has been worn."

"What do you think the mask was used for? Will it be related to the case?"

"I don't know, and I don't want to know. I don't think it has anything to do with the case."

"That’s just your arbitrary assumption!"

Chen Shi who once used the same words towards Lin Qiupu had his words turned against him. He put the mask back in the drawer. “We don’t have time to check each and every single clue. We won’t check this mask. We should just focus on the case at hand.”

"Why don't you have time? Aren’t you unemployed?"

"Kid, don't say such hurtful things like that, okay? Uncle made a bet with someone. If the case is broken within 24 hours, then we can go to the best restaurant for a meal, okay?"

"Okay!" Tao Yueyue was delighted.

Chen Shi went outside the unit and asked the neighbourhood aunty, "What is the name of this house’s owner?"

"He is not the owner of this residence. The house is rented and Master Lu is called Lu Jianye."

"I remember that he’s the manager of a lighting company. Is his salary not very high? Why does he live in a rented house? The house is so plain an

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