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Lin Dongxue sighed in relief and smiled. "Captain Peng, can you finish your words in one breath? What else did you find?"

Peng Sijue picked up the coffee that had cooled off on the table. "Before that, I want to hear Chen Shi's reasoning."

Lin Dongxue was helpless, but one rank could crush you to death[1]. She did not have the power to order Peng Sijue to do anything, so she could only regurgitate Chen Shi’s reasoning in detail.

After listening to it, Peng Sijue nodded. "As expected of him. He’d rather die than say such melodramatic things. Every single time, he thinks outside the box."

"Captain Peng, listening to the way you both talk about each other, it seems like you two are good friends?"

"But although this reasoning seems perfect, there is a loophole. The lover turned back a few hours later. Why did he come back? Did he come back to commit suicide? If so, then he did not need to kill a witness."

"Maybe he didn’t go back to commit suicide; he probably...Went back to deal with his girlfriend's body."

"What made him give up the idea of suicide?"

"Isn’t it possible that from the beginning, he didn't plan to commit suicide... Well, Captain Peng, don't lead my appetite on; tell me your discovery."

Peng Sijue went back to the main topic. "The number of bacteria in the mouth of the female deceased is far higher than average. That is to say, there is a high probability she kissed someone before death. But, the number of bacteria in the mouth of the male victim is below the average. One more thing; the male victim has a slight oral inflammation. If he had kissed the female victim, the female would have a large amount of streptococcus, helicobacter pylori, etc. in the mouth, but we did not find it in her mouth."

"That is to say, they did not kiss each other."

"It should be said that it is another person who kissed the female victim."

Lin Dongxue was uplifted; Chen Shi’s reasoning was correct. The murderer was the lover, Cheng Chao!

She immediately informed Lin Qiupu of this discovery. Lin Qiupu was still immersed in the frustration of catching the wrong person. After listening to Lin Dongxue, the task force was adjusted to finding the whereabouts of Cheng Chao.

This search took another two days. Cheng Chao seemed to have evaporated from the human world. During the period, they confirmed the true identity of the male victim. He was named Zhang Xiang and was an ordinary white-collar worker in Long'An City.

After a few days of rotations, Lin Dongxue was exhausted. When she got off work, she saw Chen Shi’s car parked outside. Her colleagues joked, “Your boyfriend came to pick you up.”

Lin Dongxue blushed as she got into the car. "Is it on the way?"

"No, I’m here to ask you how the case has progressed."

"Cheng Chao seems to have disappeared."

"Could he have escaped out of town?"

“Impossible; his personal information has been sent to all departments of transportation.”


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