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After waiting for about twenty minutes, the man kept screaming over QQ, "Are you a scammer? Hey, talk to me!"

Xu Xiaodong sent over a letter of inquiry and added a sentence, "Captain Lin said that if you can solve this case tonight, he’ll write his surname backwards."

Chen Shi sent a response, "Just you wait," and then sent the letter of inquiry over to the person over QQ. The person saw the letter and exclaimed, "Oh, you really are a policeman. Excuse me then!"

"Hurry up and tell me what you know."

"Open voice-chat."

After turning on the audio-speaker, there was a beautiful female voice that sounded through the speakers. "The situation is like this... Sorry, I forgot to turn off the voice modifier."

After turning the voice modifier off, the person’s voice turned low and was clearly a male’s voice. "The Solitary Sword and the Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar were originally in the same guild. They joined hands to fight against the guy who ranked first in the server, who was the most arrogant dude possible. Later, the Solitary Sword had an idea. The idea was that they would divide themselves up into two guilds and then they would take turns to attack the guy who ranked first in the server. The Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar agreed. However, they didn’t know that there would be conflict once they separated into two guilds. One of the female players in the Solitary Sword’s guild swindled equipment off a guy from Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar guild…”

"Tell me the main point! I know that they aren’t on good terms."

"Okay, okay, why are you in such a rush?"

Chen Shi glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the screen. It was already ten o'clock. How could he not rush?

The other party went on to say, "They would fight every two days or so. The guy who ranked first in the server could just sit and watch the show, so it really benefited him. A couple of days ago, Solitary Sword rallied his troops and went to sneak an attack on Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar’s guild. Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar was killed and then kept persistently resurrecting in order to kill Solitary Sword. Solitary Sword’s troops kept on guarding Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar’s corpse. He must have lost close to tens of thousands of yuans’ worth of equipment. That night, Solitary Sword was using the world chat to gloat. Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar replied saying that he’d kill him. It’s a game, so killing each other is pretty normal… Today was the day of the guild wars and the Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar was a contender for the throne of the city. However, since Solitary Sword didn’t come today, Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar won the title of king of the city. He’s still gifting red envelopes to everyone right now. I think he’s sent out close to ten thousand yuan at this point… It seems that he is very happy today."

Chen Shi had once again heard the words "guarding the corpse".

The other party asked, "Are you listening?"


"Right, you still haven't told me what happened... Did S

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