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Volume 7: The Father is Actually a…?

Lin Qiupu handled several documents in his office, and there was a cup of black tea on his table. It was a calm morning, which was rare.

The peace did not last long, as he was interrupted by the intrusion of a police officer. The other party knocked on the door and came in. "Captain Lin, a male body was found in Wu Yi New Village."

"Okay, I understand. I will deal with it right away."

He dialed an internal telephone number to Lao Zhang but found that no one answered, so he dialed through to his mobile. "Lao Zhang, a body has been found at Wu Yi New Village, you need to bring someone to deal with it."

Lao Zhang apologized, "Captain Lin, my granddaughter has a fever today so I have taken the day off. Please find my apprentice, Xiao Li.”

Hearing this, Lin Qiupu made a phone call to Xiao Li. Xiao Li explained, "Captain Lin, I am currently assisting the fire department in handling a revenge arson case."

Xu Xiaodong’s voice came through on the phone as well. "I am also at the fire department."

"Okay, I’ll look for someone else."

After a round of calls, it seemed like the day was full of coincidences. Everyone had something to do. Finally, he dialed Lin Dongxue’s phone. No one answered the phone. He panicked and dialed several more times before he discovered that the ringtone was coming from outside the office.

It turned out that Lin Dongxue’s mobile phone was thrown in the unit to charge. He asked a police administrator and asked where Lin Dongxue went. The other party informed him, “She took a day off to participate in a traffic safety class.”

"Why did she go to... Oh, I forgot. Her driver's license is still being held in suspension!"

With the dilemma of having no subordinates available, Lin Qiupu pondered for a while. After some mental debating, he picked up his mobile phone to dial a number, but immediately hung up. He muttered to himself, "I really don't want to ask this guy!"

Finally, he sucked it up and dialed through. “Captain Lin, are you looking for me?"

"Where are you now?"

"People's East Road."

“People’s East Road... Is that close to Wu Yi New Village?”

"Five minutes away, why? Is there a case?"

"A young man’s corpse was found in Wu Yi New Village. Can you help me deal with it? It may take a while for my people to rush over."

"Everyone’s currently getting off work so the road is blocked. Don’t bother getting them to come over. I’ll bring the body back.”

"Hey, hey, you outsider! Don’t mess with anything!”

“Don’t worry, I know the process.”

Lin Qiupu shamefully said, "I owe you one; I’ll treat you once this is over.”

"Haha, no thanks to the meal; just the bonus will be fine."

Chen Shi hung up the phone. He had just taken Tao Yueyue to a school and talked to them about the transfer. He bought some dishes along the way to Wu Yi New Village. Tao Yueyue, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was not happy. Her lip

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