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While waiting, Chen Shi made a phone call to Lin Qiupu. When Lin Qiupu picked up, he said, "Don't investigate. Captain Peng is on the road and will arrive soon. The body has not even been dissected yet. What are you even investigating? Don't mess with me!”

"Can’t it be my personal interest and curiosity? Oh yeah, help me find a place in this area. The deceased is 160cm tall, so it would have to be at least 1.4m deep for him to have drowned."

"You’re even trying to order me to do something? This is not negotiable!"

"Fine, fine. I’ll go find it myself."

"Stop investiga..."

Before waiting for Lin Qiupu to finish, Chen Shi hung up the phone. Tao Yueyue made a face. “Is he angry?”

"I couldn’t care less about him!"

At this time, the door opened. A woman wearing leather pants and shirt came over with a cigarette butt in her hand. Tao Yueyue remarked, "Uncle Chen, it seems to be her."

Hearing her words, the woman was shocked and began to run away. Chen Shi shouted after her in a low volume, "Why are you running? We are not here to sweep the yellow."[1]

The woman laughed embarrassingly like an idiot. "I was a little nervous because I heard that there were policemen."

"Are you the manager here?"

The waiter on the side informed them, "She is Li Jie."[2]

"This Li Jie is the manager?"

"Li Jie is Li Jie."

Li Jie said, "You can think of me as the manager."

Chen Shi responded, "It seems that you are in charge; then I am not going to talk in circles. Did someone throw a male corpse downstairs last night?"

"Officers, you seem to have thoroughly understood the situation. It’s as you said. At 8 o'clock last night, we found someone lying downstairs. Initially, we thought it was a drunkard. We only found out later that he wasn’t breathing. He was dead.”

"You are so casual about this, confessing everything just like that. Not only did you not report it to the police, but you transferred the body? Do you know how much trouble has been added to our work?"

"I knew that you would come to me sooner or later. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this."

"Insulting the body is a felony."

"I didn't insult him though. What is it that I can insult a dead uncle with?”

“Knowing something but not informing the police is also a crime.”

"I recognize that. I have to pay a fine. I can do that. It doesn’t matter where this person was found anyway, as long as it’s not found in my store. If a police car comes in, how can I continue to do business? I bet it was done by the people across from us. We are competitors and the bitch on the other side keeps taking all the ladies I have over here… I’m talking about the ladies who accompany others to drink alcohol. We operate honestly here.”

"Oh, don't bother explaining it. It’s getting more and more shady the more you talk about it. We can talk about that later. I need to understand the situation a bit more. What was the situation like when the body wa

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