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Volume 8: Peaceful NightWasn’t Peaceful[1]

Lin Dongxue came over and asked them, "What are you two so excitedly talking about?"

"The game." Xu Xiaodong responded.

"Tch, all you men are like this. You guys can't live without a game?"

Lin Dongxue took a seat and Chen Shi asked, "What cases have you guys been busying yourselves with lately?"

"A case on insurance scam. We’ve really learned something. There is a group of people who go to the countryside to 'recruit' a group of poor people to buy insurance for them. After the insurance takes effect, they ask the doctors to gouge their eyes out in order to claim the insurance[2]. The victim gets half of the pay-out and the group gets the other half. More than a dozen insurance companies in Long'An City have been scammed like this and have grouped together to ask the police to investigate the case."

"Have the people been caught?" Chen Shi asked.

"No, only the lower level members were caught and they don't know who the higher-ups are. They are all unemployed. These people really have no conscience."

"How much does an eye go for?"

"The poor people can get between 200,000 and 300,000. They are quite happy about it. They bring relatives, friends and even their own immediate families to take part in these ‘sales’.”

Xu Xiaodong said empathetically, "After being on the force for a few years, I have seen too much of the dark side of humanity."

"You’ve seen a lot, but how many have you caught personally?" Lin Dongxue joked.

"Hey... Didn’t I catch Wu last time?"

Chen Shi smiled. "I haven’t been driving around lately, so I’ll work with you guys temporarily. You guys can contact me at any time."

"That’s good!"

A few days later, Chen Shi sent Tao Yueyue to a school near his home. Tao Yueyue was naturally reluctant about it. Chen Shi planned to transfer her to the school next spring, but the teacher explained that since Tao Yueyue had stopped going to school from the fifth grade of primary school, she could take advantage of the final exams coming up. This way, she would be able to make up for a year of her absence as well as help her with any of her inadequacies. The exams would be able to show what she needed help on, and she could use the winter vacation for targeted tutoring. This way, she would be prepared to keep up with everyone else the following year.

Although Chen Shi suspected that the school just wanted to earn half a year more of tuition fees, that small amount of money did not matter to him. He was also happy to temporarily get rid of this little demon that enjoyed grinding his gears.

On the day of Tao Yueyue’s admission, Tao Yueyue stood at the school gate and said sadly, “You’re just going to stare as I fall into the fire pit?”

"No, I will close my eyes. Hurry on now!" Chen Shi smiled.

The arrival of a transfer student did not bring many ripples to the fifth class of the second grade. The fresh feeling only lasted for one cla

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