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Volume 6: Lucky Man

After work, everyone went to the restaurant full with smiles and laughter. It was not a particularly luxurious celebration feast. Three hundred yuan worth of dishes for each table. However, it still made the police officers really happy because the case was finally broken.

Although there may be new cases tomorrow, today's work was perfectly finished up.

While waiting for the food to arrive, Xu Xiaodong took a paper straw and walked around the table. There is a small rule that is not written among the Criminal Police force. Half of the people who drew the straws could drink alcohol while the other half who drew the short straws couldn’t. If everyone was drunk, then they couldn’t drive back.

Xu Xiaodong came to Chen Shi and patted him on the shoulder. He familiarly addressed, "Brother Chen" affectionately. Chen Shi explained, "I won’t draw one since I won’t be drinking tonight. I still have to do a few rounds of orders to pull in some money.”

"Brother Chen, you’re too good at planning ahead in life!"

"Thanks for the compliment."

The dishes came out, and the police officers who were chatting got rid of their cigarettes. They couldn’t wait to move the chopsticks. At this time, Lin Qiupu and Peng Sijue came in. Someone offered, "Captain Lin is here! Say a few words!"

"Say what? Just eat already!" Lin Qiupu laughed as he walked in.

"Haha, then I’ll dig in!"

"I’m starving! After a few days of instant noodles, I can finally eat meat!"

"Do you like the atmosphere in the team?" Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi.

"I do. It’s very warm and everyone gets along with each other very well."

"You are now a consultant. You’re considered as half a team member now. You’re pretty much a colleague from now on.”

When she mentioned this, Chen Shi took the consultant card out of his pocket. "I haven't promised yet!"

"My brother said that consultants have grants and transportation subsidies, so you can earn some extra money."

"I am a free person and do not want to be restrained..." Chen Shi removed the cover of the consultant's card and handed the documents inside back to Lin Dongxue. However, he slipped the cover back into his pocket. "Help me return it to your brother."

"What!?" Lin Dongxue couldn't believe that he refused.

"Rather I can consider taking on the request you made for me to help you cook. BUT, you have to add some money.”

"How much? I am only a small detective at the third level. My salary each month is pretty shabby."

"How about 80 yuan a day?" Chen Shi asked with a smile.

"Slightly pricey. Let me think about it..."

Chen Shi turned his head and found that the dishes on the table had almost all been emptied. "Fuck! These hungry dogs! Hurry and eat!"

Chen Shi’s meal that night was very unsatisfying. Many policemen ran to toast him. “Brother Chen, take care of our team in the future!”, “If Brother Chen takes over, then there is no such thing as an unsolv

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