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As they were leaving the forensic lab, Lin Qiupu asked Lin Dongxue, "What do you think of this case?"

Lin Dongxue thought for a second and said, "Captain Peng stated that all of the jewelry on the female victim was gone. It makes me wonder if it was a couple that committed double-suicide. The girl died first and as the man was preparing to commit suicide, a third-party entered the scene. The man and the third-party had a dispute before the mystery person killed the man and stole all of the girl’s jewelry. The individual also took their cellphones and disfigured their faces using a rock."

"A couple? I don't think so! I think this case is a revenge killing, but after the murderer killed the two, the bodies were abandoned in the mountains, and the killer arranged it to look like a double-suicide."

"Brother, did you already forget the traces of a struggle that were found at the scene?"

Lin Qiupu was speechless for a moment. "If what you say is true, they didn’t abandon the body; the crime may have been committed in the cave.”

"Three people appearing in the cave at the same time? There is a good chance that the two deceased were related."

"Not necessarily. Their time of death was quite far apart, and the contents of their stomachs are different. The possibility of them being a couple is very low. I think that they were simply two unrelated strangers."

"If it’s as you said, did the murderer kill the girl first, and then remain in the cave to kill a second person?"

Lin Qiupu also did not understand and bitterly smiled. "The longer this conversation goes on, the more confused we’ll get. We should investigate more first!"

Contrary to their mentally taxing debate, their next act was physically draining. The task force walked through each suburb to collect the most recent missing person reports. They selected the people who best fit their specifications and then proceeded to visit the families for questioning.

This process alone took three days, with Peng Sijue making notable progress on his end. From analyzing the jewel particles left on the female corpse, he found that the jewels were all pure, solid gold. Skull reconstruction allowed Peng Sijue to see what the female looked like when she was alive. From the construction, it could be assumed that she had a decent appearance and a set of elegant teeth. When these two clues were shown in the forensic team’s analysis, everyone immediately concluded that there was around an 80% chance that this was the heiress to a wealthy family.

The reconstructed picture of the male victim could only be described as ordinary. Peng Sijue found that the deceased had symptoms of lumbar muscle strains when he did further autopsy testing. In addition, when compared with the ash sample brought by Chen Shi last time, it was found that the male deceased usually smoked five yuan[2]cigarettes.

With this revelation, the faceless man was transformed into a poor man who loved hik

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