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Everyone looked at Chen Shi, so he explained, "In this case, because of the coincidence of certain surnames, everyone unconsciously associated the current parties with the ancient case together, but they ignored an important point. In society nowadays, it’s not necessary to kill the husband in order to have an affair, so this is not a motive for murder at all.”

Ximen clapped his hands together in agreement. "Look! This police officer here is reasonable. His level is a lot higher, unlike you lot! Is it wrong that my surname is Ximen? That is just because my father is surnamed Ximen!"

Chen Shi smiled. "Why don’t you all go downstairs first? I want to talk to Mr. Ximen alone.”

The police officers all left, and Ximen Sheng, as if finding a friend, invited the three into the room. This was a presidential suite, so it looked very luxurious and grand. Ximen took out a drink from the refrigerator. After sitting down, Chen Shi clarified, “Don't misunderstand, we are also investigating the case."

"I know! Investigate away. I am not afraid of the shadows and accusations since I didn’t kill him. I have never even thought about murder before. I would say this even if I had to die."

"Yes, I don't know why they won’t let us go!" Pan Xiuying echoed.

Chen Shi questioned, "How did you two come to know each other?"

"We met on WeChat!", "We met at the station." The two responded differently at the same time.

Chen Shi pointed to Ximen Sheng. "You say it first!"

Ximen Sheng started, "We started to get to know each other on WeChat. We talked for a while, and felt like we made a connection. Then, I asked for a photo of Xiuying. I fell in love with her at a glance... Finally, we came out to meet..."

“The first time we met was at the station next to the Xi Hu Park.”

"You wore a white dress that day; Beautiful like an angel descending upon Earth."

"You were wearing a suit and driving a Porsche. It looked so cool!"

The two began to recall while flirting with each other with their eyes. The three got goosebumps just from listening to them. Chen Shi interrupted them. "Okay, okay. I understand... Then you two officially began dating?"

"Yes, love was in full swing!" Ximen grinned with his eyes.

Finally, Chen Shi couldn’t stand it anymore. "I want to talk to you alone. Can I?"

"Afraid we’re organizing our testimonies? Well I have nothing to be afraid of. There is a small bar downstairs, let's talk there."

Just before he left, Chen Shi explained a few words to Lin Dongxue, and then went to the small bar in the hotel with Ximen Sheng. Ximen ordered a drink, but Chen Shi only had a cup of tea. Chen Shi asked, "Has Ms. Pan ever mentioned her family situation?”

"Yes, she’s mentioned it! In fact, the moment I saw her, I could tell that she was a woman who lacked love…”

"Okay, okay. Are you a poet? Just answer straightforwardly.”

Ximen crossed his arms. "I actually pity her quite a bit!"


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