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Wang Jinsong struggled for his life and bit Xu Xiaodong's shoulder before taking the window of opportunity to escape. He ran rampant like a small wild boar and even flipped their table in the process.

The police took great pains in order to stop him. Lin Qiupu was unable to deal with the situation and put his hand on his head. "Cuff him up."

Xu Xiaodong took a breath of cold air and looked at his shoulder which was bitten. He commented, "Too barbaric. He’s worse than my cousin’s children."

Wang Jinsong, who was handcuffed, struggled hysterically, peeling the skin off his hands in the process. The husband and wife looked at the scene and had tears silently running down their faces.

Peng Sijue took out a syringe and threatened him with a blank expression, "Would you like to take a shot of anaesthesia?"

When he heard this, Wang Jinsong suddenly stopped struggling.

"Allowing the child to be spoiled like this, even if there was no murder, he would have caused harm or trouble to others when he entered society alone in the future." Lin Qiupu despised and regarded these people with contempt. "Take them away!"

"Wait, there is a detail that has yet to be explained." Lin Dongxue halted them in their tracks.


"Aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac in the stomach of the deceased."

The husband and wife still did not confess. However, at this stage, Lin Dongxue already felt like she understood. She asked Wang Jinsong, "Did you put the tablets inside the coke?"

"I thought that was..."

"Don't say it!" Wang Jinsong’s father shouted.

"If you dare to interrupt our line of questioning again, we will separate your family." Lin Qiupu warned.

Lin Dongxue looked at Wang Jinsong, who was really flustered. "What did you think it was?"

"I don’t know!"

"You just lied, right? You didn’t accidentally kill Du Lei, did you? You planned to kill him from the very beginning! You have a box full of pills in your house with an English label on it. You thought it was poison, or your parents lied to you about it. So, you put the 'poison' into the cola and swindled Du Lei to drink it. Nothing happened, so you killed him with a blunt object. After you knocked him down, you beat him repeatedly until he died. This is not an accident at all. It is murder!"

It was refreshing to be able to tell the truth in one breath. Lin Dongxue couldn’t believe that she could do such a thing as well. The house was filled with shocked eyes that gaped at her.

Wang Jinsong began to fret, bawled his eyes out and suddenly screeched. "Who told him to have better grades than me?! Who told my parents to compare me to him every day?! Who told him to have a game console that I don’t?! He even laughed at me! He deserved it! He deserved it!!”

Seeing Wang Jinsong expose his true nature shocked everyone. Xu Xiaodong asked, "How did this box of medicine get to Teacher Li’s residence?"

Lin Dongxue turned back, looked at the door and reasoned.

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