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The SWAT team finally came and took Wu Hao away. They heard that Xu Xiaodong had bravely arrested him and praised him, asking if he would consider career development as part of the SWAT team. Xu Xiaodong kept his head low and laughed.

Ximen Sheng was in a state of shock while Lin Qiupu comforted him.

Pan Xiuying sat on the bed with tears in her eyes. Chen Shi went over and handed a tissue to her. "You should have heard everything just now. There was no reason to catch you two. Now your stupid accomplice has brought himself in. We will definitely interrogate him strictly back at the station. How long do you think he can keep this secret up with his temper? So I will give you a chance to surrender and confess!"

Pan Xiuying raised her hand and took the tissue. "We did everything so secretly. How did you all find out?”

"Secretly? In my opinion, it is full of loopholes... You should have been educated very well from a young age. You probably haven’t lied since you were young, right?”

Pan Xiuying shook her head. "Almost never."

"Then you wouldn’t know what the inner suffering of lying is like. A small lie would cause this, let alone killing someone!" Chen Shi's expression became serious all of a sudden. "You wanted to deceive the whole world!"

"I...I..." Pan Xiuying was in tears and drifted her gaze everywhere. "Before I surrender, I have a small request."

"Say it!"

She put her hand on her stomach. "I want to get rid of the child in my stomach. It is a bastard’s child. It shouldn't come to this world. Every day that it’s in my body, I can never get peace."

Ximen Sheng suddenly ran over and interrogated, "Why do you have a child? Who is the dad?"

Pan Xiuying looked up, cried and confessed, "His."

"Who is he?" Ximen Sheng looked at Chen Shi, "Is it the madman from earlier?"

Pan Xiuying silently nodded.

"It turns out... You guys colluded to lie to me! You don't love me at all."

"No! I lied to you in the beginning, but you were so good to me. I started to like you. You are 10,000 times better than him. If I knew you from the beginning, it would have been good." She wanted to hug him at this time.

Ximen Sheng pushed her away, "Get lost! Liar! I don't know you! You are honestly like the real Pan Jinlian!"

Pan Xiuying blinked her eyes and felt like she just received a huge blow. She suddenly turned and rushed toward the window, scaring everyone. Chen Shi shouted, "It’s only the second floor. You won’t die. You’ll only be more guilty.”

Pan Xiuying held the railing there, slowly squatted down and cried. Lin Qiupu made a gesture to ask the subordinates to quickly apprehend her.

Walking out of the villa with Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue felt a lot of emotions. Suddenly, the weird passenger uncle came forward and shook Chen Shi’s hand a few times. He exclaimed excitedly, “That was so thrilling! I didn’t expect to see this. So it turns out that Mr. Chen is a detective!"

"How did you know my

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