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The two immediately chased after Wang Jinsong through the safety passage from the other exit. Wang Jinsong ran very fast ahead of them and didn’t stop no matter how much they called out to him.

Lin Dongxue was wearing leather shoes today which didn’t have the proper support or grip for running. Her feet began hurting and when she looked over at Xu Xiaodong, he was already panting. He asked, “Should we fire a warning shot?”

“What do you mean fire a gun? We can’t even catch up to a child?”

At this time, a Volkswagen SUV suddenly stopped at the roadside in front of Wang Jinsong. From the car, there appeared a man and a woman. Wang Jinsong stood next to it and did not try to run. The man used a stern voice to reprimand him before suddenly slapping Wang Jinsong’s face.

The woman pushed the man aside, knelt down and held Wang Jinsong in her arms as she tried to comfort him. At this time, Wang Jinsong started bawling his eyes out.

Lin Dongxue walked closer and heard the man’s lecture. “You dog! Not coming home when you finish school, but actually going to an online café instead. Don’t you know there’s things happening at home?!”

The woman retorted, “Save your words. Don’t you also pull all-nighters playing around? If he’s a dog, then what are you?!”

It seems that this pair were the parents of Wang Jinsong. Lin Dongxue approached and took out her badge and inquired, “Hello, are you the parents of Wang Jinsong?”

Wang Jinsong’s dad looked surprised and then put up a smile. “Officer? Are you looking for us for something?” He began to take out a packet of cigarettes and handed it over to Xu Xiaodong who stood behind Lin Dongxue. Xu Xiaodong made a gesture of rejection, so the dad took one out for himself.

Lin Dongxue asked Wang Jinsong, “Child, why did you run away so fast just then?”

“I... I...” Wang Jinsong hid in his mother's arms and watched Lin Dongxue with caution.

“Oh, that. We called him and asked him where he was, so he hurried over.” The mother explained with a smile.

“Oh really? We want to know where Du Lei lives.”

“Why don’t you tell the police aunty?” the mother urged.

“Unit 4, Building 10 of Feng Yuan Community.”

“How do you know so clearly?”

“We live together!”

Wang Jinsong’s father suddenly turned to him and looked very stern when he responded, as if telling him to keep his mouth shut. Wang Jinsong was so scared that he hugged his mother tighter than ever.

In the face of Lin Dongxue’s confused eyes, his father explained himself with a smile. “This is the case. Du Lei’s parents and I used to be employees of a printing company in the past. Later, the company moved their employees to this little community. However, we do not live together. Our family lives in another unit.”

“Then, do you often play together?” Lin Dongxue asked Wang Jinsong.

The father replied on his behalf, “They don’t always play together. Grade two is a crucial year. The study is relative

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