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Wu Hao took a bag out from his locker and pulled out a bed sheet. The sheets seemed to have not been washed for a very long time, and a smell emitted from it. Lin Dongxue couldn't help but cover her nose.

Wu Hao disclosed, "This is the adulterers’ dirty sheets from my brother’s house. There are the two people's bodily fluids on them... I gave it to the forensic team to get tested before, but they refused to test it. I have no idea what you guys are doing instead of testing it.”

Chen Shi had to suppress the urge to laugh. "You’re very thoughtful. When did this happen?”

"A few weeks ago."

"At the time, was your brother not at home?"

"No, my brother may have gone out to do deliveries. This pair of adulterers must have gone to my brother’s bedroom to do it while he was away... Fuck!"

"You were there?"

"Yeah, I went to see my brother. I happened to bump into them. I screamed for the guy to leave. My sister-in-law... No, that bitch even tried defending the dude. I told them that they should look forward to me telling my brother, and so I kept the evidence. In the future, my brother will not suffer even when he has to deal with a divorce lawsuit. I did not expect this evidence to come in handy at this time." Wu Hao sighed and shed tears from his eyes.

"This is the evidence?"

"I have others as well!"

Wu Hao took out a few photos, all of which were photographs of the pair while they met up. Many caught the front of their faces. It was also legally effective if taken to the civil court.

Chen Shi looked at each photo and surmised, "You have a lot of time for a fitness coach. Are you also part-time private detective?"

"For my brother, even if I don't have time, I’ll make some!" He declared righteously.

Chen Shi shook his head. "We’re here to find evidence for the murder case. These can only prove that the two are in contact..."

"It is adultery!" Wu Hao exclaimed loudly.

"Alright, alright, adultery then... Is there evidence regarding the murder?"


Wu Hao took out his mobile phone and played a recording. In the recording, you could clearly hear a man and a woman joking, during which there was a part of the conversation which detailed -

Female voice: The stupid old turtle argues with me all day long. It’s annoying me to death!

Male voice: Baby. Whatever he owes you, I’ll make it up to you, okay?

Female voice: You’re the one that treats me the nicest... Haiii, it would have been nice to have met you earlier.

Male voice: It’s not too late now. I’m talking about divorce with the yellow-face[1]at my house. When I drive her away, I will marry you.

Female voice: That’s nice, but the old turtle would never agree to a divorce, even if he were on his deathbed.

Male voice: Go to hell! I’ll find a brother to teach him a lesson!

Female voice: You mean, beat him?

Male voice: Haha, if you wished for it, I could make him disappear too.

Female voice: Oh honey, I like

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