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After her sleep, Lin Dongxue felt much better. She sent a text message to tell Lin Qiupu, "I won’t be coming to the morning meeting. ‘Someone’ and I will go to the hospital to check some stuff.”

Lin Qiupu jokingly replied, "Is he Voldemort? You can't even mention his name. Do you think your brother is a petty person? Be careful on the road."

Lin Dongxue took a taxi to the hospital. Chen Shi was sitting in the hall with an old aunty. Lin Dongxue greeted him and so Chen Shi said his goodbyes to the aunty.

“How can you talk to literally anyone and everyone?” Lin Dongxue asked, “What are you going to check here anyway?”

"Three months ago, there was an accident in the Wu family. Wu Hao made his brother seriously injured. At that time, Wu Hao and Pan Xiuying came up with this plan together. So, where did the tools for maintaining the life of the victim come from?"


"Yes. From Peng Sijue’s autopsy records, the deceased must have been very hurt at the time. Don't look at the fact that they are now both calm and collected. At that time, they must have panicked. If they weren’t able to save the deceased in time, he might not have made it to the next day. Therefore, Pan Xiuying is likely to have taken some medical tools and drugs from here."

"Wow, why didn’t I think of that?!" Lin Dongxue clapped her hands in joy.

"Let’s go! We need to go to the pharmacy."

The two found the people in the hospital who managed the warehouse and asked if there were any medical tools lost in the last three months. The person in charge indicated that nothing was lost.

"I have to check inventory every night after work. There shouldn’t be anything missing.”

Chen Shi fully demonstrated the nature of a voice recorder by repeating this question three times. The person in charge answered the same thing three times in a row as well. Chen Shi smiled. "You didn't tell the truth. Rest assured, we’re not going to investigate responsibility. We are just investigating a case. We will not inform the hospital about this matter... But if you don't tell the truth, we may have to consult the hospital management and conduct an in-depth investigation.”

The person in charge showed an embarrassed expression. Chen Shi took out a pack of Yuxi cigarettes and put it in his hands. "Uncle, help us out. It’s a case involving a life!”

"Someone from our hospital?"

"No, it’s relevant to one of the personnel working here. Rest assured, we will not hold you and the hospital responsible."

The uncle then let go of the worry in his heart and recalled, "Well, it was probably around September 17th. I lost something but I didn't report it."

"Why not report it? Are you afraid of them deducting money? How do you remember it so clearly?"

"It was my granddaughter's birthday that day. I left early in the evening. If it was investigated, they would definitely deduct the money from my pay... But I think it must have been an inside job. I looked at w

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