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After the questioning, Lin Dongxue indicated that Wang Jinsong could leave. As he was about to leave, Wang Jinsong asked, “Police Aunty, was Du Lei raped?”

Lin Qiupu almost sprayed out the tea is his mouth and chastised, “You kid, don't say it!”

Lin Dongxue added, “And, I am not an aunty!”

Wang Jinsong left after pulling a funny face, and Lin Qiupu shook his head. “The children nowadays!”

Lin Dongxue asked, “It is still early in the day, do you want to question the teachers?”

“Well, okay!”

The teachers came in one after another. Regarding Du Lei, the information they provided was that the child was diligent and obedient. He was a good boy. A teacher also showed the results of the mid-term exam from last month. Lin Dongxue glanced at it. Du Lei actually ranked third; It seemed that his results were truly impressive.

She curiously looked for Wang Jinsong's name and found that the child was actually at the bottom of the list. She wondered how could the two have been so close given such a difference in grades.

Lin Dongxue queried, “Why did Wang Jinsong test so poorly? Did he just not score well this time around?”

The math teacher informed, “He has always been scoring somewhere around this mark. He has steadily been ranked in the bottom five or six in the class.”


Lin Qiupu looked at the list. “Why didn't the language teacher come?”

“He may be still in class. I will call him over.”

They waited until noon and everyone was starting to get impatient. Finally, the Chinese teacher came in. When they saw the face with the aquiline nose[1], Lin Dongxue suddenly opened her eyes wide. This man was the man whom she saw outside Unit 4 last night for a brief moment.

The information provided by the language teacher was similar to that of the other teachers. Suspicious, Lin Qiupu pressed, “Shouldn't you know more about Du Lei?”

The language teacher smiled. “We didn’t communicate with each other much. We’ve only really made contact when I assigned homework or distributed assignments. We are a private school so some teachers leave after teaching their respective classes. Some teachers even work outside of class hours to earn some extra money. If you have any questions, you should ask his class teacher.”


Lin Dongxue suddenly asked, “Do you live in Unit 4 of the dormitories?”

Cold sweat began to form on the language teacher’s forehead, but he immediately restored his smile and composure. “Yes, yes.”

Lin Qiupu’s eyes moved from looking at his face to Lin Dongxue’s face. Lin Dongxue continued to probe. “When I was at the scene last night, you seemed to have come out and then gone back in again.”

“Oh? It was you last night? Oh… Nothing, I forgot to close the door when I went out. I suddenly remembered, so I went back to lock up... Officers, you wouldn’t doubt me because of this, right?”

Lin Qiupu developed an interest in this person. “How are your faculty dormitory buildin

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