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Xu Xiaodong had brought up this idea. Although it wasn’t the best thing to do, everyone thought it was still feasible.

So, the police officers immediately sent a phone call to Du Lei's parents to inform them of Du Lei's death. On the other end of the line, the sound of the husband and wife crying was piercing.

The policeman asked shyly, “We...We want to ask you to lie… Don't let the old lady know.”

Ten minutes later, the old lady’s screaming came from the door. “You took Lei Lei away... You dogs didn’t say anything to me... If there’s nothing wrong, then you should have just said so! Making me worry! It’s cold, give Lei Lei an added quilt at night. Getting a cold is not a joke... Remember to see Grandma in the New Year.”

At the end of the call, Xu Xiaodong breathed a sigh of relief. “It should be okay now.”

“Only for a while.” Lin Dongxue pointed out.

Leaving the unit, everyone was in a heavy mood. Lin Dongxue wanted to go to Wang Jinsong’s house to look at it, and so they went to the property manager to inquire about it. However, when they arrived at the Wang’s household, nobody answered when they knocked on the door.

“Do you want to ask their neighbors?” Xu Xiaodong suggested.

The two knocked on the door of the neighbor’s house, but the neighbors didn't know where they were. It was speculated that they might have gone out to eat.

Lin Dongxue stood in the corridor and waited. Xu Xiaodong asked, “Do you suspect this family?”

“I can't say that it’s suspicion per say...” Lin Dongxue couldn't tell. She really wished that Chen Shi was here right now to give her a clear path to walk.

But since she was the one betting with her brother this time, she needed to pull herself together and not ask for Chen Shi’s help.

They waited endlessly and the time gradually reached eight o'clock. Lin Dongxue was so cold that she was shifting her feet about. Xu Xiaodong kept trying to crack jokes in order to ease the atmosphere. Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly. “Don't talk. The more you talk, the colder it gets!”

At this time, the phone rang. It was Lin Qiupu. The first thing he asked was, “Sister, where are you?”


“Haha, still investigating? This teacher, the more we interrogate him, the more suspicious he gets. We asked the people in the school. They all mentioned that Li was usually too close with the students and that his performance evaluations were not very good.”

“But even if he molested children, why would he murder them?”

“We still have an important piece of evidence in our hands. Guess what it is. We found an imported aphrodisiac in the stomach of the deceased. It was incorporated into the Coke. Why would children eat that?”

Lin Dongxue was shocked. Yesterday, Chen Shi reminded them to test whether there was any medicine in the stomach yesterday and they actually found this type of thing.

She felt a wave of doubt, but immediately reminded herself to believe in Chen Shi an

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