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Volume 5: Their Relationship

Chen Shi turned his face and saw that the other person was an old man with white hair. The wrinkled face had an aura of majesty and dominance.

“How did you find me?” Chen Shi asked.

"Tao Yueyue. I have been paying attention to the condition of the little witness. I knew that if she needed surgery, you would definitely come."

"Ginger is still old and spicy!"[1] Chen Shi smiled and lit the cigarette he had in his mouth.

"I didn’t think that you would come back in this manner with a false face. How do you feel teasing and meddling with your old partner and the young people who used to admire you?"

"It's not bad, it's a bit like being born again."

The old man sighed, "You laid low for so long and so well. Why did you want to come back?"

"It must be in my nature."


"It’s like how some people are greedy and some are perverted. I can't stand criminals being left alone. People can't escape their own nature, and I am the same. But recently, I might have stood out too much. Even you noticed me! I think it’s time to hold back a little.”

"So you knew what was happening as well?!" The old man smiled. "Why don't you come back openly without hiding behind a new identity?”


"Because of the burden of a crime on your shoulders? Because that person is still at large?”

"No, that person is holding onto my weakness."

"I guess, is it Tao Yueyue? He threatened you, as long as you show up again, they’ll re-do the case, right?"

Although he did not want to admit it, Chen Shi nodded. The cigarette was almost exhausted. He threw it out of the window and handed his hands over.

"What do you mean by that?"

"You are not coming to arrest me?"

The old man laughed. "If I came to catch you, I wouldn’t come alone in the middle of the night. Chen Shi, Chen Shi, you think you’re so smart. Do you really think that you’ve hidden from the skies and crossed the seas? No, actually, that night has not ended. The Zhou Xiao case has not been closed yet, and several of my elite officers have been tracing him the whole time. I knew all about what you have done from the very beginning. You can say that I’m covering for my subordinates, or even neglecting my duties due to personal reasons, but I know that you weren’t the killer. You could never have shot your superior officer or girlfriend. I can only prove your innocence if we can catch Zhou Xiao. So, the high-level officers have secretly permitted the little actions you’re taking. In reality, your police identification number has not been cancelled. In the confidential documents inside my safe, your current identity is that of an undercover police officer."

Chen Shi was surprised and then recovered his usual smile. "After all the twists and turns, I’m still a police officer huh? But you guys never paid me a penny!"

"After the case is over, I will send it to you in full. Remember to treat me to some food at the time!"

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