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In another interrogation room, Pan Xiuying confessed, "The tools were stolen by me, but all the ideas came from him."

“And then?” the interrogator asked.

Pan Xiuying continued. Although they had preserved her husband’s life, his condition continued to get worse by the day. Wu Hao said that outsiders must not learn of this situation, so he pretended to be her husband and continued to sell things online. He also texted her husband’s friends as if he was doing well.

Every day, they ground and broke food down so that they could pour it into her husband's stomach. They also set up infusions in order to preserve his life.

One day, Wu Hao watched a foreign crime movie and suddenly came up with an idea. He said that the old turtle would die sooner or later and that it was better for them to prepare in advance. That way, when the police came, they wouldn’t be caught off guard.

When she heard that she had to lie to the police, Pan Xiuying was frightened. Wu Hao comforted her and told her that she didn’t need to fret. The police's case-solving rate was very low. They could only solve simple cases. If they used those damn crazy methods from the movies in reality, they would break their heads just thinking about this case.

Therefore, the two began to implement their plan of crossing the sea without being caught by the sky.[1]

The first step was to clean up the scene of the crime. They destroyed all the evidence and deleted all the recent photos of her husband. Then, Wu Hao hired several people from the Internet to pretend to be her husband and took them out to play. This way they left witnesses to confirm that the person with Wu Hao had the characteristics of being short and ugly.

The last step, which was also the most daring step, Wu Hao proposed to divert the police’s attention. He discussed how they were going to mislead the police with her. Normally, when a husband dies, the police will first suspect his spouse. Since that was the case, they might as well let them go down that road. As long as Pan Xiuying had a solid alibi, she would be able to escape being incriminated. Furthermore, no one would think that he was killed by his brother. This would be a blind spot for the police.

But this was not enough. One day, Wu Hao was going through their gym’s customer information. He found a clothing business owner named Ximen. He took a photo of Ximen Sheng’s information and informed Pan Xiuying with great joy. He advised that this was too much of a coincidence and that the police would definitely think that this is at least 80% like a modern version of Jin Pingmei.

Pan Xiuying felt that this idea was very embarrassing and shameful at first, but Wu Hao thought that his idea would definitely work. Let Ximen become the sacrifice, bear the burden of the crime, and let the police suspect that he paid for the murder.

As such, Pan Xiuying added Ximen Sheng on WeChat. She was very beautiful. After sending a few photos of herse

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