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After the autopsy, Chen Shi went outside and saw Lin Dongxue sitting frustrated in a chair. Chen Shi sat down next to her and asked, “What's wrong? Your mouth has turned so far down, it looks like a bottle opener.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Let me guess, is it because your brother reprimanded you in public that you are upset?”

Seeing that he hit the nail on the head, Lin Dongxue was a bit ashamed and changed the subject. “How was the autopsy? Were there any major findings?”

“For the time being, it should be said that it is just an ordinary dismemberment case.”

“Ordinary?!” Lin Qiupu went out of the forensics lab. “Chen Shi, the way you’re saying it is a bit much, don’t you think? The deceased is only a teenage boy. The method is too cruel! This case will definitely cause a lot of public scrutiny and backlash.”

Lin Dongxue was still angry with him and looked away. Chen Shi explained, “I am only speaking about it in a technical sense. From what we can see, it is technically an ordinary case.”

“Then you...” Lin Qiupu wanted to say, “Then you solve the case for me to see then!” However, he retracted his words.This driver has proved his capabilities several times. I mustn’t fall into his trap again.

“What about me?” Chen Shi smiled and asked, “Would you like me to help?”

Lin Qiupu glared at him. “No need. We haven't fallen so far to need to ask for help every time.”

“Okay, I won't intervene this time then.”

Lin Qiupu, who seemed to have gotten words he could hold Chen Shi against, immediately exclaimed, “Well then, since you said so yourself, this time you are not allowed to intervene!”

“If I said I’m not going to intervene, then I’m not going to intervene.”

Lin Qiupu’s heart was filled with delight. He felt that this nosy driver dug his own grave this time. He refused to believe that they couldn’t solve cases without this guy.

Still, they had to be wary of him. So he added, “We need to agree beforehand that if you intervene...”

“I won't appear in front of you in the future ever again.”



“No ‘but’s! Don’t try to negotiate conditions with me.”

“Captain Lin, is it that only officials can start fires, but the common person can’t even light a lamp?[1] Why can you make conditions but I can’t? Surely you’re not afraid?”

“Me? Afraid of you?!”

Lin Dongxue couldn't stand listening to them anymore, but wondered why Lin Qiupu seemed to be getting more and more petty these days. She was about to stand up and leave when Chen Shi signalled her to stay with his eyes.

Chen Shi negotiated, “But this case, you have to give Lin Dongxue full autonomy and allow her to investigate independently.”

Lin Dongxue's eyes wide open. Is Chen Shi trying to help her find her faceback?[2]

“With what authority?” Lin Qiupu fumed.

“I’ve already told you that the case is simple. It is so simple that Lin Dongxue can solve it alone. You don't need to send out the whole

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