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Peng Sijue sat down as if he was deflated. The scene was so quiet that it was a bit awkward. Lin Dongxue asked, "Captain Peng, you said there are new discoveries..."

Peng Sijue threw a printed piece of paper on the table and said calmly. "The cause of death was found out. The deceased died of heart failure, and the time of death has to be pushed forward about six to twelve hours."

Lin Dongxue took a look and said, "Thank you, this discovery is very important."

Peng Sijue waved his hand and asked them to leave. The two left the department and Lin Dongxue scolded Xu Xiaodong. "Why did you mention such random nonsense to him?"

Xu Xiaodong gave an innocent look. "How would I know that Captain Peng’s reaction would be so intense... Perhaps the protagonist of this story is someone he knows?”

"Why don’t you ask him yourself?!"

Xu Xiaodong shook his head desperately. "I don't want to commit another taboo."

The task force went all out in investigating the criminal suspect Wu Hao. Three days later, Lin Qiupu brought everyone together and summarized the information on hand.

The police officers in charge of investigating the background of the Wu Brothers reported, "The parents of the Wu brothers died early. According to their relatives, the two brothers have had a mediocre relationship with each other since young. Their parents obviously prefer the clever and good second child. The older child would often be filled with envy. The two often fought over the tiniest of things. The older brother later came to work in the city while the second child was still in school. When their parents died, it was the older brother who organized the funeral. Because there wasn’t a will, he sold the house property and agreed that when it was time for his younger brother to marry someone, he would give him his portion. However, the older brother did not fulfil his promise, and the money was spent all by himself. The second child later got a girlfriend and asked his brother for money. His brother couldn’t give him any after spending it all. The two got into a fierce argument. Many relatives tried mediating for the two. Under the mediation of the relatives, the older brother agreed to his younger brother living in his house for the meantime. He mentioned that he would slowly earn money to pay for his brother’s house in the future. However, he kept postponing this, so the younger brother’s girlfriend eventually left him after constantly arguing about the matter. Due to this, the younger brother’s stomach should be full of fire."

The police officer in charge of investigating the evidence of Wu Hao and his sister-in-law, Xiuying’s affair reported, "Captain Lin, we haven't made much progress here. Pan Xiuying and 'Ximen Qing' have been real passionate with each other. How can we ask about her having a relationship with another man? But we were able to find something. When it comes to one thing, 'Ximen Qing' has a membership card at the gym Wu Hao

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