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The nurses brought the three people to an office, and the head nurse explained whilst gesturing, “That is Xiao Pan’s table.”

Chen Shi looked closely at the table. It was cleaned up very well, and the number on each page of the calendar next to it was all filled with the number of calories that she ate every day. It also listed the changes in her weight. It seemed that she was very careful about her lifestyle.

A nurse revealed, "Xiao Pan is a very good person. She is very kind to people. She also gave me a pack of sanitary napkins last month... Haii, I really didn't expect such a person to have an affair."

Another nurse added in jealousy, "You see how she dolls up every day even though she’s married? She must have done it to steal the hearts of other men.”

The ultimate defamation between women was that the other party stole men.

Chen Shi asked, "Has she ever mentioned anything about her family? How about the relationship between the husband and wife?"

Several nurses grinned amongst themselves, so Chen Shi smiled and asked, "What’s so funny?"

A nurse began, "I often see Xiao Pan go to the pharmacy to buy medicine saying that it is for her husband to take. Guess what kind of medication it was? It is the kind that you men eat! Her husband may have been at home for too long, so he’s unable to perform. ”

The nurse who had growled about Xiao Pan stealing men suddenly exclaimed loudly, scaring all the people who were present. She recalled, "I remember now! Xiao Pan has not been feeling very well for a while. I heard that she even has some symptoms such as irregular menstruation. So it turns out she wasn’t satisfied in that department, huh? Recently, though, her personality suddenly changed. It seems that the adulterer has made her feel very good."

When she heard this, Lin Dongxue blushed. Chen Shi asked, "Why didn't she come to work today?"

"If this kind of thing happened, how could she still have the mood to go to work? She’s been taking leave for a few days... But her adulterer has lots of money, so she probably doesn’t care about her pay checks. I heard that she intends to resign. I don’t think she should resign though. Once the case is broken, she probably wouldn’t be able to find another job again." The nurse concluded with contempt.

"Alright, thank you all."

Leaving the hospital, Lin Dongxue said, "These nurses really like to kick people while they’re down."

"Angry when people have things and laugh when they don’t. It’s understandable. But I also heard some useful things from them. Let’s go visit Ximen."

Ximen Sheng was the boss of a clothing company. Because of this incident, the company was now closed. When the three arrived, they found many colleagues there checking the accounts, calculator in their hands. They were checking each transaction one by one.

Xu Xiaodong joked, "Xiao Li? When did you become an office worker?"

Police officer Xiao Li complained, "I am looking for the wher

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