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Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong immediately went to the little community and found a plumber from the small advertisement posted on the bulletin boards. Along with the plumber, they then knocked on the door of Wang Jinsong’s neighbor downstairs.

After a brief explanation, the family was willing to cooperate with the police. The plumber busied himself with the pipes and worked to open the main sewer pipe of the family’s bathroom. He used some tools to scoop out the contents.

“Officers, do you want a cup of tea?” The host family poured cups of tea attentively.

“No thank you. Ah yes, what do you know about the family upstairs?” Lin Dongxue asked.

“Master Wang's family? Although we live in the same building, we don't usually come into much contact since we don’t leave the house very much. But we often hear the sound of them beating their child.”

“Beating their child?

“Yes, the beatings often seem very fierce. Every time, it seems like the father beats him while the mother persuades him to stop and buy something for their child to comfort him. As a parent myself, I don’t think this kind of parenting is very good.”

“Have you heard them doing this over the last two days?”

“Yes! It was three days ago. I heard a bang. Maybe the child smashed something, so the father began his normal punishment. The child cried so much.”

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong looked at each other. Perhaps the sound was the sound of the deceased falling to the ground.

“Officers!” The plumber called to them.

The two immediately went to the bathroom and saw the plastic cloth that was laid out on the floor. It was covered with some things that the plumber had scooped from the pipes. Lin Dongxue immediately saw clumps of blood and hair inside and she got very emotional.

Lin Dongxue immediately called the team. Once Lin Qiupu heard that she had found evidence, he praised her. “Well done! We will come soon!”

About six o'clock in the evening, several police cars parked outside the building’s community area. The police came up and the owner said with surprise, “What’s happening now?”

Lin Dongxue explained, “We’re going to have to catch someone.”

“Catch someone? Is it the people upstairs?”

“Can I please trouble you all to not make a sound? Sorry for inconveniencing you and bringing you all this trouble.”

“It's okay, don’t worry. Ah right, what did they do?”

After a knock at the door, Lin Qiupu, Peng Sijue and other police officers entered the unit below Wang Jinsong’s together. The people went into the bathroom. Peng Sijue took out the testing kit and checked the contents Lin Dongxue had found. He confirmed with certainty, “It is indeed human blood.”


The police called the property management and knocked on the door of Wang Jinsong’s house, claiming to check the gas for them. When the other party opened the door, the police swarmed in and pressed the couple down on the table.

There was a bang in the livi

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