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When Lin Qiupu rushed to the Yi'An district, he saw a villa surrounded by many residents in the area. Several people were holding their badges to separate the crowd. When the police arrived, the residents all tried reporting, "Officers, there was a man that rushed in!”, “There was shouting inside. It might have been a murder.”, “It’s not a madman, is it? You see what happened to his car?”

"Everyone retreat! Do not hinder the police from handling the case." Lin Qiupu instructed and the residents cooperated.

There was a scream that came from Ximen Shen’s house. There were also shouts from Wu Hao saying that he was going to kill them. It was almost like a movie invoking anxiety and exhilaration to its audience. The SWAT team would take a while so they couldn’t wait any longer. A few people discussed how to proceed.

Xu Xiaodong took the initiative to say, "There is a drain pipe at the back. It seems that you can climb up. I’ll go!”

"Unless it’s your last resort, don’t shoot!” Lin Qiupu ordered.

"Understood!" Xu Xiaodong went around the house.

At this moment, the glass door of the balcony was suddenly smashed by a vase, making the crowd scream in fear. Wu Hao held a fruit knife in one hand and pushed the neck of Ximen Sheng to the balcony with the other. Pan Xiuying was desperately trying to pull Wu Hao back. Wu Hao struggled away, pushing her to the ground.

Ximen Sheng saw people outside and screamed, "Murder! Murder!"

"Shut up, fat pig!" Wu Hao took the knife handle and slammed it on his head, making Ximen Sheng’s eyes roll back.

Lin Qiupu ordered while putting a finger on his gun, "Wu Hao, put the knife down. What do you want?"

Wu Hao widened his eyes when he saw the policeman below. He seethed, "I want to kill this pair of adulterers!"

"Still acting?"

Wu Hao raised his voice and shouted at the people below. "Neighbors, this man's surname is Ximen and this woman's surname is Pan. A few days ago, they were accomplices in killing my brother. They went about their days together like normal from then on, always sticking with each other passionately. I don’t know what benefits Ximen gave to the police, but they refused to solve the case and even suspected me! Now, as the younger brother, I’m going to bring justice!”

The crowd immediately revealed excited and nosy expressions as they shouted loudly, "Shit! Wu Song is alive!", "Wu Erlang! Nice, kill them!", "Affairs are so shameful! Kill them!"

Wu Hao was glad that the neighbors echoed encouragement and declared loudly, "I am Wu Song’s reincarnation!"

Lin Qiupu looked back at the crowd and glared at them, but couldn't stop them from keeping their mouths shut. He felt a fire forming inside of him. Lin Dongxue conveyed, "This guy has lost his mind. Does he think that this will clear our suspicions towards him?"

"Fighting beasts!"[1] Lin Qiupu frowned and announced towards the person upstairs, "Wu Hao, don't act out this lame drama. The heaven

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