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Lin Dongxue asked, “Were you not at home last night?”

“Oh, we went to see relatives.” Wang Jinsong father smiled.

“Which relative?”

“This...Does this also need to be asked? Officers, why exactly are you looking for us? Is it related to Du Lei's murder?”

Lin Dongxue almost blurted out “What were you all doing when the murder occurred?”, but she remembered the teachings that Chen Shi passed to her when they previously chatted. The more you suspect someone, the more you shouldn’t reveal your intentions to them. She was told to learn to point East while tackling the West[1]. They needed to search for information whilst keeping the person in the dark.

She put on a smile. “This is the case. Du Lei’s grandma doesn't know about his death yet, so we lied to her.”

“Yes, yes, the old lady lives alone with her grandson. It is really pitiful to have such a thing happen.”

“Yeah, the white-haired sending-off the black-haired.” Wang Jinsong's mother also echoed.

“...So, there are some things that we find inconvenient to ask her directly. That’s why we came over to ask you these questions. Do Du Lei and Wang Jinsong often playing together?”

“Not always, it's only occasionally.” Wang Jinsong's father was still using yesterday’s monologue.

“Has he recently told you that there is something strange about Du Lei?”

“No, we are usually quite busy. Wang Jinsong does his homework as soon as he comes home, or he’ll just play on his computer, so our communication with each other isn’t that good.” Wang Jinsong’s father clarified.

His mother added, “Yes, we both work out of town. In order to care for this family, our connection and communication with our child has been sacrificed.”

“We can only satisfy him as much as possible with material items.”

“Right, didn’t the news on Weibo say that the murderer of the case has already been confirmed?”

The couple gave explanations together left and right, which made Lin Dongxue’s suspicions towards them deepen. She began, “The case really does have a strong lead now...”

“Great!” Wang Jinsong’s mother suddenly became excited subconsciously. When she realized that she was being rude, she rephrased, “I mean, it’s great to give an explanation to the family of the deceased. It’s very good that the police have handled things so swiftly.”

“Stop saying things like this when the other person’s family has lost their child!” Wang Jinsong’s father scolded.

Lin Dongxue was able to finish her sentence, “But I have to continue to investigate and collect more evidence, so I’ve come to visit and question people around the area.”

“We don't know too much regarding that. Du Lei is obedient and sensible. We usually educate Wang Jinsong and ask him to learn more from Du Lei.” Wang Jinsong's father said.

His mother defended, “In fact, my child is very smart. However, his intellect is used in the wrong places. He only knows to play all day, that’s it.”

“Isn’t that because you

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