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At the meeting, Lin Qiupu informed everyone with enthusiasm, "Everyone, we have leads for this case, for we found that ‘Ximen Qing’...”

Every time the name was mentioned, everyone laughed.

"We found that 50,000 yuan disappeared without a trace from his personal bank statements. The time the money disappeared was around the time of death of the deceased. He apparently doesn’t know where the money has gone either."

"Is it possible to close the net now?" asked a police officer.

"We are still lacking evidence. The focus of our work now is to find out who was the recipient of the 50,000 yuan. If the recipient can be found, then the case will be broken. Everyone needs to bring forth all their energy in order to solve the case within three days."

Everyone was hyped up when suddenly a hand was raised. Lin Qiupu asked, "Lao Peng? What do you have to say?"

Peng Sijue asked neutrally, "Captain Lin, have you read the latest autopsy report I gave you?"

"I haven't looked at it yet. Tell me the contents."

Peng Sijue flicked through the document. "According to my second round of post-mortem examinations, there is a suspicious and abnormal bone hyperplasia behind the back of the deceased’s head. The deceased has osteoporosis, hypokalaemia, muscle sagginess, hardening of the arteries and venous thromboembolism-like symptoms. To be clear, it means that their body lacked phosphorus, potassium, and calcium for a very long time. There is also another problem. A large amount of scratch marks were found in his esophagus, which seemed to have formed due to hard objects. These marks have been estimated to have been accumulated over a minimum of three months."

"The victim and the car were all burnt to a crisp. How were you able to identify so many things?”

“Well, that’s why it took a lot of time.”

"So what is your conclusion?"

"I don't think this case can be concluded just like this. To conclude that it was done by Ximen just because the involved party's surnames are Pan and Ximen... Maybe the murderer is taking advantage of this kind of thinking. If it really is Ximen buying his death, then these abnormalities on the deceased cannot be justified. So this case must have another secret behind it."

Hearing Peng Sijue publicly speaking against him, Lin Qiupu was a little angry. "Lao Peng, let’s leave that aside and only talk about motivation for now. What do you think the murderer’s motivation would be?”

"You can't avoid it! This is a fact! I think that when the case is finally solved, these doubts and abnormalities should be answered perfectly. Otherwise, it cannot be said that you’ve cracked the case completely.”

Lin Qiupu forced a smile. "Lao Peng, Lao Peng, who has affected you like this?"

"The autopsy is my job, and the crime-solving is yours. Since the report is finished, I’ll take my leave.” Peng Sijue did not respond to him any longer and left.

If it were someone else who didn’t give him face like t

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