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Lin Dongxue was slightly surprised and asked, "What about the time of death?"

A forensic officer replied, "The liver temperature was measured and it’s estimated that she died at around 4:00 last night."

Lin Dongxue said, "Four? She was with Dr. Gao at that time. The doctor is definitely suspicious. Should I go find him again?"

"Don't be so anxious. Let the bullet fly for a while[1]... Ah yes, let’s go see her workstation."

When they got to the deceased’s workstation, Lin Dongxue opened the drawer and found a box of foundation and pink lipstick. Lin Dongxue asked the workers, "Did the deceased have a habit of wearing make-up?"

"Yes, but it’s quite new."

"Women usually doll themselves up for the person they like. She must have done it for that doctor...There must be something wrong with the doctor!"

Chen Shi smiled. "You suspect that they have an unclear relationship? Do you get upset as soon as you see scummy men[2]?"

Lin Dongxue argued, "I am just trying to investigate the case! Who cares about those scummy men? What do you think of this case?"

"The hospital has a large flow of traffic. There are patients, family members, and medical personnel. Since the case is in the ice-breaking stage, don't rush to set your sights on individuals. Learn more about the situation first."

"Fine, I’ll listen to you!"

"You should continue to investigate the doctor. I will see if there are witnesses on the patient side of things… I have a piece of advice about this case."

"Say it."

"A person who kills another person bears great risk. Unless the murderer's motivation is equal to this risk, there will be no murder. I want to remind you not to be blindfolded by the trivial interpersonal disputes in the hospital. Always keep in mind whether the person you suspect has this huge motive or not. If not, you can basically rule them out from the list of suspects."

The two went to the nurse station and Chen Shi asked, "Head nurse, I want to know the situation regarding the patients on these floors."

The head nurse nodded. "The files are in the office. I’ll bring them out."

Chen Shi and the head nurse walked away. Lin Dongxue found the friend of the deceased and asked, "About Dr. Gao…Actually, I still want to know more about their situation..."

Chen Shi looked through the patient information in the office. When he got to one of them, he stopped and asked, "Did this person die last night?"

The head nurse responded. "They died on the operating table. It’s an ordinary medical accident.”

Chen Shi nodded and continued to look through the files. He found that four patients passed away last night. They were all patients that were getting old. The head nurse explained them one by one. Chen Shi thought that this was only the hospital’s statement. Would there be any hidden secrets? He needed to go to the wards to investigate.

When he went to a ward, a family was gathered outside and crying so much they look

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